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Jul 24, 2011

Paint Zoom Review from Jenny

Painting is an art. People will do all the works in their home. But they will not do Painting. A painter is needed to do the painting works. People will not do the painting works, because the whole thing will get spoiled if we did a small mistake. But now we can also paint ourselves without worrying about the faults. With the Paint Zoom paint sprayer we can paint our walls, furniture’s etc.
Painting Sprayer is a new device from the Paint Zoom. Many people will get use of this product. Review is most important for a product. People will look out for the reviews when a new product was launched in the market. People reviewing the products will review as a customer and not the producer. When the product is good, they will provide the good reviews about the product. We can find all the benefits and the faults in the product. Many people will write the reviews for the new products. We can also find Paint Zoom review in many blogs and in websites.
Many websites are there to write the reviews about the new products in the market. In the websites you found the Paint Zoom Review, you will also find the reviews for the related products of other brands. Along with the review, you can also find the photos and the videos of the products. We can find the reviews about health products, kitchen and cooking products and many more products.
With the reviews in the websites, people will get to know more details about the product before they purchase the product. With the review, people will get an idea about the product and they will save their time when they are in the shop to purchase the product. When you are going to purchase a product, read the reviews about that product before going to the shop. You will get an idea of which brand you can buy and the cost of the product. We will not be deceived by the shop sellers. Wake up and get to know about the products you are going to purchase and get the best products to your home. 

Jul 9, 2011

LAVA M30 - The new Music Edition phone from LAVA

Lava is one of the fastest growing mobile brands in India. Within a short period of time, they covered more customers. Many of their mobile models are success in the market. The most success model in the Indian market is LAVA A9 and LAVA A10. These two phones had the amazing features at low cost. Compare to other local brand mobiles, lava mobiles provide the best quality. They have released the new Music Edition Mobile. They named the mobile as LAVA M30.

LAVA M30 is the music edition phone. The features are good when compared to other local brand mobiles. The mobile has the 2,2” IPS screen display. Specially dedicated keys for the Music Player. The battery backup is very good. It has the Li-Ion battery for long standby time. It has the 2.0 MP camera with 4x digital screen.

This mobile phone will support the Java Applications where you can install many java applications in your phone. You can install java games and java application in this phone. It has the Bluetooth connectivity where you can share your files to your friends and you can transfer your file to your friends in vice-versa. The mobile can be used as a modem to connect to internet with your computer. The speed will be around 115 Kb/s. You can download the file at a constant speed of 20Kb/s. The phone’s camera an also be used as a web camera. This phone also has the feature in standby mode.  You will get 2GB memory card with this phone. The phone supports up to 8GB memory card. This phone has the FM radio, FM recording, FM Alarm and other basic features of a phone.

LAVA M30 - all view

The cost of this phone is around Rs. 3500/-

Jul 5, 2011

Nokia X1-01 and Nokia C2-00 - The power of Dual SIM phone from Nokia

As many companies released the dual SIM phones, Nokia is the only company doesn't release the Dual SIM phone series. But the Mobile Giant Nokia also released the Dual SIM Phones. 

They released two models in the Dual SIM series. Nokia X1-01 and Nokia C2-00. Both phones have the battery backup of 43 days. Both the mobiles have the common features like media player , dual SIM, Expandable Memory card.

Nokia X1-01

Nokia X1-01 Front View

Nokia X1-01 comes under the Nokia X – series Mobile model. It is the Music Xpress Edition model. This mobile is especially for the music Lovers. The mobile has the good battery backup. This mobile can play songs for 36 hours. The mobile is designed like the music edition mobiles. The mobile can support up to 16GB memory card. It contains the FM radio and the MP3 Music player. Like the Nokia 1100, this mobile also have the flash light at its head position. For each SIM, we can have the different ringtones. Both the SIM logos will be displayed in the screen and both the SIM’s will work at the same time. We will receive the calls at both the Number at any time.

Nokia X1-01 Side angled View

The only defect in this phone is the camera. The phone does not have the camera. The phone comes with the affordable price to everyone. The cost of the Nokia X1-01 phone is Rs.1900/- only.

Nokia X1-01 Back View

Nokia C2-00

Nokia C2-00

Nokia C2-00 has the advanced features of Nokia X1-01. With the Nokia C2-00, we can connect to the internet, download songs and videos, send and receive e-mails. The mobile comes with the Camera, where we can capture the photos and videos to share our moments. This mobile supports up to 32GB. We can store 1000’s of songs.

Nokia C2-00 Black color

The best feature in the Nokia C2-00 is the design of the SIM card Slot. One slot is place under the Battery, where we need to open the battery to change the SIM. Another SIM will in the side of the phone. We can Insert and remove the SIM card without opening the panel and no need to switch of the phone to change the SIM. This facility is like the memory card slot in the Nokia N8 mobile. The mobile phone has the Mp3 player and the video player facility. We can even download the applications from the Nokia’s Ovi Store. This mobile has the feature of remembering up to 5 SIM cards you insert into the SIM card Slot.

Nokia C2-00 White

The Cost of Nokia C2-00 is around Rs. 3000/-