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Sep 30, 2010

History of Mobile Phone

Today people can live without food but they cannot live without mobile phones. Mobile phones have become like a body part to the people. They carry the mobile phones wherever they go(even to bathrooms). The first mobile phone was released in 1973 by Motorola Company. The idea of inventing the cellular phone was came by the invention of shore-to-ship radio communication invented by Reginald Fessenden in the second world war. He was called as the father of Radio- Broadcasting. He was a Canadian born in July 22,1932. The first Cellular phone was discovered by Joel Engel and Richard Frenkiel in the year 1971. Martin Cooper of Motorola was the one who made the first cell phone call to his rival Joe Engel of AT&T Bell Labs.
First Mobile Phone

The first generation mobile phones worked with the FDMA technology. The first generation mobiles are large in size and heavy to carry. The 1G mobile phones are used only for the voice communication purpose.

Large Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone shop in 1980's

Mobile phone in 1980's
The second generation mobile phones are introduced in the year 1991. The second generation mobile phones are worked with the GSM and CDMA technologies. The GSM technology was first introduced in Finland in the year 1991. The 2G network signals are digital where the 1G network signals are analog.  Till date many countries are working with the 2G network. Many new features are invented in the second generation.

2G mobile phone

Mobile Phone in 1991 with adapter

1G and 2G mobile phones
In nowadays we can connect to the internet with our mobile. Many Computer facilities have included to the mobile phones. With the Bluetooth technology we can share our files with other mobile devices.

The 3G mobile phones come with the features of mobile telephone, mobile internet, Video calls and mobileTV. The 3G mobiles can have have the internet connection downlink up to 56Mbps and 22Mbps in uplink. You can have the Video calls where you can see the other end talker in your phone.
The modern phones comes with the touch screen technology where everything in touch. 

Upcoming 3G Mobile Phone from Nokia-N8

Reduction in Size of Mobile Phones

Sep 25, 2010

Features of Dual SIM phone Fly B430

With the Modern era of dual SIM phones Fly has introduced a new Dual SIM phone with Qwerty keypad three months ago. It has all the features a mobile needs.The Stylish Look brings you the High priced mobile like Blackberry. I own this mobile for three months. With my experiance i am telling, 9 people  out of 10 asked me by seeing this mobile asked the same question "When you bought the Blackberry Mobile phone?" After i gave my mobile to hands that time only they realized it's not Blackberry, Its a Fly mobile.Like wise the look it has all the features. It has the Qwerty keypad, 1.3 megapixel camera, It has the wireless radio with schedule recording where you can record your faviourate radio shows.It has the pre-loaded applications Nimbuzz which is the all-in-one messanger , snaptu - which is an all-in-one social networking sites and news readers and the Opera mini 4.0 for browsing to the pocket internet. It have the mobile tracker facility which will be useful to findout  when your mobile losts. You can install the java application in this mobile . It supports the dual bandwidth 900/1800MHz. it have the 2.2″ inch (176×220 pixels) QVGA Display and has the 10MB internal memory and supports microSD card expandable upto 8GB. It has the Bluetooth facility where you can share your files with your friends.

You can store 1000 phonebooks in this mobile and 1000 SMS. It have the battery 1100mA which gives you the standby time 200 hrs and talktime upto 8 hrs. The screen resolution is 176 x 220 pixels.This supports the video formats 3Gp, Mp4. When you are going foe the Videos better go for the medium resolution and 3Gp. Its maked your video to play slow when you opt for the high resolution or for the Mp4 fomat.All these facilities comes with an unbelivable price of 3500INR with one year warranty.

Sep 19, 2010

Nokia's new Dual SIM Phones

As of today every owns minimum of two numbers for their privacy. One for their business and another for their personal use.People are showing interest to buy the duall sim phones more than having two phones. People like to use a single Sual SIM mobile instead of using two mobile phones. People need the Dual SIM mobile with the additional features like Mp3, Mp4, Video player and Digital camera.The Korean made models and the China made models Satisfied the customers with upsaid features. They ruled the Indian mobile market for the past 2 years. With competition the branded mobiles like Samsung, Fly, LG had released their Dual SIM mobile models. Nokia is the only branded mobile company that never released the Dual SIM mobile models, but still they rocked in the mobile market with their new features with the excellent battery backups. Now thay also ready to release their Dual SIM phones. Till now thay have confirmed with the 4 Dual SIM models where one model is released and the other 3 are expexted to release by October. They are releasing with the 3 kind of categories. One targeted to the people who just need the Dual SIM facility with no other extra facility. The Model is C1-00. This model is as like the Nokia Basic model Nokia 1616. Exact the same design with the FM. The Price for this model is 1799 INR. This phone has the Battery backup for 6 weeks and the talk time is for upto 13 hours. The C1-01 and C1-02 comes with the same feature of Fm, Mp3 player, microSD slot and VGA camera and with 64MB internal memory for C1-01 and 64Mb user memory for C1-02. Both the models can expandable upto 32GB.The C2-00 model comes with 64MB internal memory with 16MB flash memory. Memory is expandable upto 32GB.

Get ready for the new era of Dual SIM models from Nokia. 

Sep 9, 2010

Features of Nokia N8

All your awaited mobile model Nokia N8 is releasing on this october 2010. The mobile contains the amazing features that really worth for your money. It comes with a 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and Xenon flash with High Definition quality video recording and video editing software with Dolby surround sound. Nokia N8 model comes with the size 113.5 mm height , 59.1 mm breath and  12.9 mm width with weight of 135 grams. The display comes with 3.5 inches height with AMOLED capacitive touchscreen have 16M colors. It has the 3.5mm speakers for the musical play that brings you the Dolby digital sound. when comes to memory it comes with 32GB internal memory with 256MB RAM and 512MB ROM. The memory can expandable upto 32GB. Along with it you can have the 48GB to store your movies and songs. About its features it works on Symbian3 OS with ARM 11 680 MHz processor and also have a 3D Graphics HW accelerator. It comes with 5 colours Dark Grey, Silver White, Orange,Green, Blue. It also have the A-GPS  Support and Ovi Maps 3.0. The last and the final thing we speak about the battery backup. It is necessary for a mobile to have the battery backup. As always Nokia stands for the batterry backup Nokia-N8 also have the great battery  backup upto 390 hours for 2G and upto 400 hours for 3G network. Nokia-N8 has the Talk time upto 12h 30mins for the 2G network. and has the Music play back upto 50 hours for the music lovers. The price for N8 model was fixed as 23,000 INR.