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May 10, 2011

Samsung Galaxy ACE - The next Generation Phone

The smart phones replace all the old phones. Most of the people have the smart phone with them.  HTC and apple introduced the smart phones in a grand manner. But due to some inconvenient options with the phone usage and the OS, the smart phones did not pick up in the beginning. The phone companies started developing the easy user interface smart phones and released to the market at low cost.  With the advanced features the smart phones replaces the old model phones. 

Samsung galaxy ACE

Phones were started making using the high speed processors and with RAM. The phones will work at e speed of Mhz. Samsung has released the smart phone with high speed processor. We can do almost most of the functions we do with the computers.
Samsung has released the new Smart phone with Android OS and Processor with speed of 800Mhz.  The screen size of the mobile is 3.5 inches. We can download more than 10000 apps from the Android market. You can access all your social networking and the emails in your home screen of your phone.
You can surf at very fast with the high speed processor of 800Mhz. This phone features with the QWERTY soft keypad for the fastest typing. 

A new feature has added with this phone where we can search through the internet with your voice. To search an word, just spell the word. The phone will search the content for you.  This phone is money worth for you.
The phone comes with the price of Rs.15,000/-

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