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May 24, 2011

Samsung Galaxy POP CDMA I559 - The Best Smart phone for CDMA Network

Smart phones are the latest trend in India. 90% of the mobiles selling today are the smart phones. Due to this the mobile rates are reduced. We can get the smart phones from the rate of Rs. 5000/-. Few years back we can get the smart phones at Rs. 25,000 with reduced features. But now, we can get most of the advanced features for just Rs. 8000. The technology improved a lot and the prices went down. Samsung, Apple, Nokia are the leading companies releasing more smart phones to the market. There is a healthy competition between these companies in the market. With competition they are reducing the price of the mobiles and they are releasing the new mobile models with advanced features. Every month the companies are releasing the new models. Samsung was also released the new smart phone in this month for CDMA users.

Galaxy POP CDMA I559

They released this mobile phone in the galaxy series. The model name of the mobile is Samsung Galaxy POP CDMA I559. This mobile is for the CDMA users. This phone operates on the Android OS 2.2. It comes with full flexibility for OMH. People can use any network CDMA SIM card. I hope this the best smart phone for CDMA network. Like other Android phones we can download 1000’s of apps from the Android store. This phone supports the Voice +SMS. We can download songs and video’s at the speed of 3.1 Mbps.

GALAXY POP Front-back-side

It come with the processor speed of 800Mhz. It supports Multi-tasking where we can work in more than one application at a time. It supports upto 32GB where you can store HD videos and songs for our fun. You can connect to the internet with the Wi-fi connection. With the high speed processor, you can download the files at a high speed.We can connect this phone as a modem to the computer.


The talk time battery backup is up-to 5 hours. The Standby time of the mobile is 320 hours. The cost of the mobile phone is Rs. 9500/-

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