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Sep 22, 2011

Korea Electronics Show is Coming Soon

Twenty first Century is the world of electronics. Every people love to have their own electronic gadgets. Electronic products are the most famous products in this century. People can stay without food but not with mobile phone and MP3 Player. People are crazier about the gadgets. People are addicted to the entertainment gadgets.

Even the below poverty people have their own cell phones and other electronic gadgets. All these are happened only because of the invasion of Korean and china products to India. The Korean products will be available at low cost with more features. We can avail all the electronic products at low cost.

KES 2011 is Coming Soon!
People can find the electronic shows in many malls and in the Trade centre’s.  Korea is conducting the biggest electronic show. 2011 Korea Electronic Show is the ever biggest electronic show in Korea.

All the gadget lovers should visit the Korea Electronics Show 2011. The detail of the show is given below. They are conducting the show with the theme.

Visit the Korea's Biggest Electronics Show!
Korea Electronics Show 2011

Date : Oct. 12, 2011 ~ Oct. 15, 2011
Venue : KINTEX, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Sponsored by : Ministry of Knowledge Economy of Korea,
Gyeonggi Province
Organized by : Korea Electronics Association, ETNews.co.kr
Registration : www.kes.org 

> Duration & Visiting Hours 
Visiting Hours
Oct.12(Wed) ~ 15(Sat)
10:00 ~ 17:00

> Venue & Scale Period 
KINTEX(Korea Int'l Exhibition Center) http://www.kintex.com
Exhibition Area: 53,541㎡
No. of Exhibitor: 800 firms (including 200 foreign firms)
No. of Visitors (estimated): About 70,000
> Organizers

Korea Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Gyeonggi Province
KEA(Korea Electronics Association)
MBC, KBS, SBS, ETNEWS, MK Business News, Korea Economic Daily
Hong Kong Trade Development Council, AEECC, CEAC, Japan Electronics Show Association, JEITA, CCPIT, RATEK, IFA, CMAI

> For more information visit: http://www.kes.org
> For pre-registration visit: http://www.kes.org/visit/visitRegist.do 
(*Site provides English, Japanese, Chinese translation)

Date & Theme


Oct. 12th (Wed.)

Future Day
Opening Ceremony (10:30 ~ 12:00)
o Opening Remarks, Congratulatory Remarks
(*Minister of Knowledge Economy, Chairman of KEA)
o Electronics and IT people's Day Prize Award Events

Grand Ballroom

KINTEX 3rd fl.
Press Conference (12:00 ~ 13:30)
o Speaker, Special Guest, Reporter Q&A
o Luncheon

Room #306

KINTEX 3rd fl.
Creative Futures Forum (13:30 ~ 17:50)
o Presentation & Discussions on 'Future IT of Asia'
※ Keynote speech, TED style lecture, Panel discussion

Grand Ballroom

KINTEX 3rd fl.
Events : Gala Party (18:30 ~ 20:00)
o Standing Buffet, Gala Show, Quiz & Lucky draw, etc.
o For guest, panel/speaker, overseas buyers, IT companies etc.

Times Square

at Yeongdeungpo

Oct. 13th (Thu.)

Industry Day
IT Industry Forecast Conference 2012 (10:30 ~ 17:00)
o Presentations on domestic and overseas IT technology, industry forecast and issues
※ Track I : domestic and overseas IT technology, industry forecast
Track II : In-depth analysis by fields (SW & IT services, Smart appliances, Core components, Information Security, Featured IT item & strategic market, IT convergence market forecast and success stories)

KINTEX 3rd fl.

Oct. 14th (Fri.)

Policy Day
IT Policy Conference (10:30 ~ 17:00)
o Korea's IT policy
(Presentation from 5 government ministries)
o Introduction on Asian countries IT policies, public IT demand status

Grand Ballroom

KINTEX 3rd fl.

Sep 20, 2011

Star II Duos - Full Touch Screen Dual SIM phone with Wi-Fi

Samsung is the leading smart phone company in the world. Samsung has break the Nokia company and came to Number One in the last financial year. No other mobile company has the number of Smart phones like Samsung. They have more than 20 smart phones within Rs.10,000/-.

Now Samsung has released the new Full Touch Screen Dual SIM Phone Star II Duos. Samsung is releasing many dual SIM phones to compete with the Korean mobile companies and with the China Mobile companies. One year back Korean and china phones are available at low cost with many features. The only thing that mobile phones will not have is the clarity and battery backup.  
In the recent days Samsung is doing a good job in releasing the Dual SIM Phones at low rates. The recent release of Samsung mobiles is Star II Duos. The phone was released at the price of Rs.6000/-.

Samsung Star II Duos
Star II Duos has almost all the smart phone features. This phone is the Dual SIM phone with Full Touch Screen. The Screen size is 3.2 inches. The display was developed with the TFT technology. It supports JAVA Applications. We can install Java Games and applications. The phone comes with the pre-installed game of Parachute panic (FULL VERSION). It has 3.2MP camera for video recording and for shooting photos. We can have a clear crystal photos with the camera. We can Zoom upto 4X.

Star II Duos Entertainment

It has the video player that supports MP4, AVI, 3GP videos and the MP3 player. We can also stream videos when we connect to the internet. The most amazing fact about this phone is the Wi-Fi connectivity. We can access internet via Wi-Fi connectivity.

Star II Duos

The phone comes with the Document viewer where we can view the word documents in our phone. The Star II Duos is more worth than what we pay. 

Sep 13, 2011

Wi-Fi Featured and Full Touch Screen Phone at Rs. 3,800

Mobile phones are playing an important role in this modern world. Everyone is having mobile phone. Even the child at the age of 6 is having the mobile phone. The main reason for the increase in the mobile usage is the reduction of price. The prices of the mobile phones are reduced a lot compared to some years back.

Micromax - X560

Wi-Fi is the latest technology introduced in the mobile phones. We can access the internet in the mobile phone through the Wi-Fi router. Only Smart phones have the Wi-Fi facility of Wi-Fi feature.

Now Micromax has introduced the cheapest Wi-Fi phone. The phone name is Micromax X560. X560 is a Full touch screen phone. The phone was released with the Cube Series phone. It has the wide screen of 8.1 cm. It has the camera of 2 MP. The most amazing feature is Wi-Fi feature.

It also has many multimedia options. The video player supports AVI/3GP/MP4 formats. We can install java applications and games. It supports MicroSD memory card that supports up to 8Gb. The battery backup is good. It comes for more than 6 days in standby mode. We can talk up to 7 hours.


With all these amazing features the phone is available at the cost of Rs.3, 800/-

Sep 11, 2011

Reduce your phone bills with Net10 Unlimited Plan

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Net10 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Every people have the mobile phone. Mobile phone has become an essential in our life. Communication has become more important in the modern world. With the mobile phone we can contact anyone in the world from anywhere. Many service providers are available. The talk plans in every providers will differ. Many service providers will charge more for the calls and texts. Some providers will charge less for the calls and for the text. 

If you are paying high for the mobile bills, here is the chance to reduce your bills by switching to Net10. Net10 provides the unlimited calls ,text and Web plans for $50. You can make calls to more than 75 countries. People using limited calls can use the $15 plan where we can talk 200 minutes for a month. Many people are looking for the commercial purpose. With the Cute NET10 commercial plan we can make calls at low rates. In advertisement people will speak their product is the best. but we cannot say their product is the best. The customers will speak when one product is good. Hear from the Real NET10 customer who talk about Net10 service. 

The customers will talk the truth about the product. Watch the reviews of the Net10 customers and you will get to know about the Net10 service. With the Net10 you can switch to any plan at any time. 


To know more details about the Net10 you can visit the facebook pages and the twitter pages of Net10.


FaceBook Link: https://www.facebook.com/NET10Wireless?sk=app_154830504571781


Twitter Link: http://twitter.com/#!/Net10_Wireless

We can get the simple usage phones at the price of $15 from Net10. The basic usage phones with camera, multimedia option phones will come at the price of $50. You can also get the Smart phones with basic applications, QWERTY phones at the price of $60. Switch to Net10 and save your  money in phone bill. 

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Sep 10, 2011

Nokia 100 - An another phone like Nokia 1100

Every people will know about the Nokia's famous mobile phone 1100. This phone plays an major role in the Nokia industry. This mobile was famous in all over the India. Every people liked that mobile for its durability and simplicity. People liked the phone because of its battery backup, features and easy to use interface. All the people even the 5 year old child will also use the Nokia 1100 phone easily. No other phone can beat Nokia 1100. 

Nokia 1100

Nokia 100 - Blue

Now again Nokia has came up with the phone similar to Nokia 1100. This phone was named as Nokia 100. this phone has the basic color model. This mobile comes with the long lasting battery backup. The battery backup comes for more than 35 days in standby mode. This phone comes with the lowest price in the market. 

This mobile phone is specially designed for the people who uses the mobile phone for just calling and for messaging. The keypads are specially designed for easy typing. With this keypad, we can type fast and send the messages faster to our friends. This mobile is the best mobile for the students. 

Nokia 100 and 101

This mobile has come with the FM Radio. We will be with music at all the times. To listen to the music, the phone comes with the Nokia WH-102 Stereo headset. It also has the extra features like flash light, alarm clock and many more. 

This phone comes with 3 vibrant colors. You can choose the color you would like to have. It comes with the colors of Legion blue, Festival pink and Ocean blue. 

Nokia 100 Ocean Blue
After the release of this phone, it will be the cheapest phone with the Fm radio. 

Sep 4, 2011

Importance of Website Design for a website

We can get any information we need in websites. In olden days people go to library to gain knowledge or to clarify their doubts. But nowadays people will get the information they needed in online. Websites are useful to all the people. People using the websites to share information with their friends, to build their business and to chat with their friends. In recent years the numbers of websites and blogs have increased. Students can clarify their doubts in online by sitting in their room. All they need is the computer and an internet connection.

People can even earn money in online. With the latest languages and with the tool website designing have become easier. Everyone can create and run a website. Thousands of tools are available to build a website. This is also one of the reasons the number of websites have increased. Anyone can build a website. But everyone cannot build the website in a professional way. Many people are there to design the websites. They are called as website designers. They are ready to design a website with our requirements. All the business websites are designed by the website designers. We can easily differentiate the personal website with the official websites with the Website design.

All the business websites will have a name and a logo. Logo design is not easy as website design. The logo of a company should represent the brand of the company. The logo should represent the name of the company and it should be attractive. People from Website design companies will create the logo with the company name and it will be very attractive. With the help of website, we can improve our business a lot. With the website for our business we will get new customers for our business. Design a websites with the best website designers and increase your business.