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Sep 22, 2011

Korea Electronics Show is Coming Soon

Twenty first Century is the world of electronics. Every people love to have their own electronic gadgets. Electronic products are the most famous products in this century. People can stay without food but not with mobile phone and MP3 Player. People are crazier about the gadgets. People are addicted to the entertainment gadgets.

Even the below poverty people have their own cell phones and other electronic gadgets. All these are happened only because of the invasion of Korean and china products to India. The Korean products will be available at low cost with more features. We can avail all the electronic products at low cost.

KES 2011 is Coming Soon!
People can find the electronic shows in many malls and in the Trade centre’s.  Korea is conducting the biggest electronic show. 2011 Korea Electronic Show is the ever biggest electronic show in Korea.

All the gadget lovers should visit the Korea Electronics Show 2011. The detail of the show is given below. They are conducting the show with the theme.

Visit the Korea's Biggest Electronics Show!
Korea Electronics Show 2011

Date : Oct. 12, 2011 ~ Oct. 15, 2011
Venue : KINTEX, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Sponsored by : Ministry of Knowledge Economy of Korea,
Gyeonggi Province
Organized by : Korea Electronics Association, ETNews.co.kr
Registration : www.kes.org 

> Duration & Visiting Hours 
Visiting Hours
Oct.12(Wed) ~ 15(Sat)
10:00 ~ 17:00

> Venue & Scale Period 
KINTEX(Korea Int'l Exhibition Center) http://www.kintex.com
Exhibition Area: 53,541㎡
No. of Exhibitor: 800 firms (including 200 foreign firms)
No. of Visitors (estimated): About 70,000
> Organizers

Korea Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Gyeonggi Province
KEA(Korea Electronics Association)
MBC, KBS, SBS, ETNEWS, MK Business News, Korea Economic Daily
Hong Kong Trade Development Council, AEECC, CEAC, Japan Electronics Show Association, JEITA, CCPIT, RATEK, IFA, CMAI

> For more information visit: http://www.kes.org
> For pre-registration visit: http://www.kes.org/visit/visitRegist.do 
(*Site provides English, Japanese, Chinese translation)

Date & Theme


Oct. 12th (Wed.)

Future Day
Opening Ceremony (10:30 ~ 12:00)
o Opening Remarks, Congratulatory Remarks
(*Minister of Knowledge Economy, Chairman of KEA)
o Electronics and IT people's Day Prize Award Events

Grand Ballroom

KINTEX 3rd fl.
Press Conference (12:00 ~ 13:30)
o Speaker, Special Guest, Reporter Q&A
o Luncheon

Room #306

KINTEX 3rd fl.
Creative Futures Forum (13:30 ~ 17:50)
o Presentation & Discussions on 'Future IT of Asia'
※ Keynote speech, TED style lecture, Panel discussion

Grand Ballroom

KINTEX 3rd fl.
Events : Gala Party (18:30 ~ 20:00)
o Standing Buffet, Gala Show, Quiz & Lucky draw, etc.
o For guest, panel/speaker, overseas buyers, IT companies etc.

Times Square

at Yeongdeungpo

Oct. 13th (Thu.)

Industry Day
IT Industry Forecast Conference 2012 (10:30 ~ 17:00)
o Presentations on domestic and overseas IT technology, industry forecast and issues
※ Track I : domestic and overseas IT technology, industry forecast
Track II : In-depth analysis by fields (SW & IT services, Smart appliances, Core components, Information Security, Featured IT item & strategic market, IT convergence market forecast and success stories)

KINTEX 3rd fl.

Oct. 14th (Fri.)

Policy Day
IT Policy Conference (10:30 ~ 17:00)
o Korea's IT policy
(Presentation from 5 government ministries)
o Introduction on Asian countries IT policies, public IT demand status

Grand Ballroom

KINTEX 3rd fl.

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