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Jan 25, 2011

Low cost Business - A step ahead in our life

In this world, Business is the best way to earn money. The number of business people is increasing everyday. In olden days we need more money to start a business. But now, we can start the business with minimum investment. Low cost business is the modern trend and the safest way to start a business. There are many ways to start the low cost business or low cost franchise. We can get many ideas from the websites for low cost franchise. With that ideas we can start a business with low investment. All the business giants have started a business with small investment. The growth of the franchise depends up on our hard work and the quality of our service.

Jan 21, 2011

Triple SIM phones by ZEN Mobiles - M111 - A new era in mobile technology

Dual SIM phones made an new era in the Indian market. With the incoming of the china and Korean mobiles with dual SIM, all the branded mobiles companies are started the production of Dual SIM phones with the latest technologies. As a result, the price of mobiles were reduced a lot as compared to previous years. There was a very good competition on the market. Nowadays for Rs.4500 you will get a Full touch screen dual SIM phone which supports GPRS, 3.2 megapixel camera and Supports Video of MP4. A new era is coming with triple SIM phones. 

ZEN has launched its first Triple SIM phone. It Supports 3 GSM SIMS on the go. The Mobile name is M111. It is powered by 1500 mAh battery with standby time of  280 hours and a talk time of 300 minutes.

The Specifications of the mobile phone is given below.
  • 2.4 inch screen
  • 1500 mAh Battery
  • GPRS and WAP enabled
  • Bluetooth
  • USB
  • FM Radio
  • Micro SD slot
  • 1.3 MP camera

Jan 18, 2011

A digital voice recorder for your phone - Useful in all the times

Everyone owns a mobile phone or a telephone. Most of the conversations from personal to business are done through phone in this modern world. Its better for the business class people have a VOR recording machine to record the important business calls and important board calls. Not only for the business people. Telephone recorder is important for all the individual where all the undercover activities are done through telephone. If anyone call and black mail you, telephone recorder will help you to raise a complaint in police station and the recorded voice will be the evidence and it will help the cops to find the kidnapper soon.

Some Features of digital voice recorder/telephone recorder

The Voice recorder activates when sound is present. It will not record the blank non voice. With this the memory will be saved for more voice recording.

The voice recorder will start recording automatically when you pick-up the phone and the recording stops when you end the call. You don't need to put any effort to record the voice.

The mini voice recorder is compatible where you can carry the voice recorder  any where in your travel. 

Many companies are producing the voice recorders in these days. Buying a voice recorder doesn't matter. As the voice recorder is of security we should buy it from the Professional manufacturer of security products.

Get the best voice recorder for you mobile phone or for your home telephone which have the digital quality voice.

High Quality Voice Recording

Jan 14, 2011

Business Answering Service through Phone - The best way to impress the customers

Every company will have the customers or technically clients. All of them will have some queries about the product or the service the company is providing.  It is not possible for the company to answer all the queries to their customers at all the time. Here comes the business answering service to answer all the queries the customers have. The clients or the customers could not visit the company at all the time for their queries. They will feel comfortable if the company provides the business phone answering service. The customer will get the answers for all the queries through the phone. It makes them feel happy as they will get the information needed in just one phone call. With the business phone answering service the customers will have an direct communication with an well trained agent in that product. They can clarify all their doubts with the agent. This will reduce the work load of the company and they will earn the customer satisfaction.

Jan 11, 2011

Motorola Atrix - Mobile as powerful as computer

Nowadays mobiles functions like a mini computer. We can do most of the computer functions in mobiles. We can browse with our mobile. We can install the applications. In olden days mobiles function with the micro-processor. The new generation mobiles are functioning with micro processors. Motorola has released a mobile phone with processor. A dual-core processor, 1 GB RAM, 3.8 inch touch screen and 960×540 screen resolution. The Special feature is It's a 4G phone.

The name of the mobile is Motorola Atrix. 

Motorola Atrix

Atrix comes with a dock for laptop/desktop/TV which has three USB ports, a HDMI port and an infrared remote. The phone can be docked in this and connected and accessed from a laptop/Desktop or a TV. Think of it as the USB drive which geeks carry to have their own operating system and file system. Except that this is more elegant. With dual-core processor and 1 GB RAM, Atrix can be powerful than some of our desktops and laptops. Accessing the phone’s software using the laptop’s hardware is just neat. Atrix and the dock come with a software called WebTop which does the heavy loading of connecting the phone and displaying its mobile OS on the computer. The OS might not render well on very large screen desktops but for the rest of us, it works just fine.

This mobile will not get famous in India as India is not prepared for the 4G Network. Now only they have started working with 3G network.

Jan 10, 2011

Virginia Beach Fishing Charter - The Best place for fishing and to spend your weekend

Many people in the world loves fishing. Most of the people have the hobby of fishing with their kids. If you are looking for a place to spend your weekend and likes to fishing Virginia Beach fishing is the best place for you to spend your weekend with your family. With the different types of boats and the fishing equipment you can select the equipment you needed for fishing. You will also be provided by the color fish finder GPS, plotter and more equipments needed for fishing. Virginia Beach fishing is providing the online booking where you can book for the boat and for fishing in online. You will get all the details about Virginia Beach fishing in their website.

People needed more information can contact Virginia Beach fishing in the following address
Address: Chesapeake Bay Sport Fishing 227 Mediterranean Ave Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Call @ (410) 703-2760

Jan 2, 2011

Mobile Technology is a Boon or a Curse

As everyone knows today we cannot survive in this world without a mobile in our hand. The mobile phone is the best way to communicate with the people all around the world. Mobile phones has its benefits but at the same time it has its defects. Every good things will have a bad thing in it. Mobile is also having that. You can view my older posts Importance of mobile in your life that tells you how mobile is important for your life. From my post The mobile phones best part and the worse part you will get to know about the best part of the mobiles and also the worst part in the mobile usage. You can see how the usage of mobile will affect your brain and your body. People will get more disease with the radiations from the mobile phones.

The harmful effects of the cell phone radiations were exposed in the year 1993. A case was reported in Florida, wherein a law suit was filed by a man, who claimed that his wife had been affected by brain tumour, because of the use of cell phone. It was only after such a case, that numerous researches have been conducted to find out if the cell phones really emit radiations that are harmful.With some studies the scientists found the radiations from the mobile phones will double the cancer cells.

Telecommunication departments have invested much money in finding the effects caused by the mobile phone radiations and found some ways to reduce the radiations from the mobile phone. But still they cant stop it 100 percent. The users of mobile phone is terribly increasing everyday. Hence the radiations also will get increase. It will affect the people who are not using mobile phones.

The mobiles has the same disadvantages the mobiles have its advantage. In technically its a gift to the humans. But in Medical aspect view its a curse to the human beings which leads to many brain diseases.

The only thing we can get out of this by using the mobile phone when we needed. Some people use to talk in the mobile phone for 4, 5 hours per day continuously. That's too bad. If we use the mobile only the time we needed we can be away from the radiations.

Most of the people have the habit of keeping their mobiles under their pillow when they sleep. It's too dangerous to keep there. The radiations will affect your brains directly. Keep your phones away when you sleep.

Walk when you talk with the mobile phone.
According to some research, the relation between the radiations and the effects of them on the users can be summarized as follows:

· The users of cell phone do not run a high risk of getting cancer than non users.

· Frequent users of cell phones do not have the risk of getting cancer or non malignant tumours, than those who use the phones rarely.

· It is a myth that brain tumours and cancers tend to develop on the side of the head, at which the phone has been used.

One of the observable harmful effects of mobile phones however has been the thermal effects. The microwave radiations cause dielectric heating. Here any dielectric material such as a living tissue gets heated up by rotation of polar molecules of the electromagnetic radiations. Therefore for the person who uses a cell phone, the heating will occur at the surface of the head.

As the subject by itself is controversial, the cell phones can be utilized judiciously and purposefully, as prevention is always better than cure.

Note: Readers are requested to share your thoughts about the defects in mobile usage as your comments and about this post.

Jan 1, 2011

Micromax Q7 - The Best Low Cost mobiles with Full Features in 2010

In the last 2010 for mobile phones we showcased our budget Single SIM GSM handsets and it’s time to get to the next and final category for mobile handsets – Low End Dual SIM Handsets. We’ve seen, very literally, hundreds of new models that we refer to as Chinese Mobiles launched in India over the last couple of years. Of course now they’ve got better branding with companies like Micromax, Intex, Wyncomm, Videocon and many many more. But without further ado, here are our picks for 2010’s top Dual SIM handsets in the low budget segment.

Micromax Q7 – Best in Class 

The Q7 is, simply put, a neatly designed handset. It’s designed to be comfortable to operate from typing to navigation with its BlackBerry-esque trackball. It’s loaded up with social networking options like Facebook and Nimbuzz for chatting through multiple accounts. The handset also performs quite well in the multimedia department. One more key factor that adds a little more value to this handset is Wi-Fi connectivity.
In its QWERTY Glory

This Handset costs Rs.4500. This mobile supports java where you can install java applications. Your money is valuable with this mobile phone. It has the stylish keypad.

As usual it this mobile also fails in the display clarity. The resolution is low. It supports the media files like 3Gp, Mp4, etc.

Note: Will post the next level best models in 2010 in next post.