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Jan 18, 2011

A digital voice recorder for your phone - Useful in all the times

Everyone owns a mobile phone or a telephone. Most of the conversations from personal to business are done through phone in this modern world. Its better for the business class people have a VOR recording machine to record the important business calls and important board calls. Not only for the business people. Telephone recorder is important for all the individual where all the undercover activities are done through telephone. If anyone call and black mail you, telephone recorder will help you to raise a complaint in police station and the recorded voice will be the evidence and it will help the cops to find the kidnapper soon.

Some Features of digital voice recorder/telephone recorder

The Voice recorder activates when sound is present. It will not record the blank non voice. With this the memory will be saved for more voice recording.

The voice recorder will start recording automatically when you pick-up the phone and the recording stops when you end the call. You don't need to put any effort to record the voice.

The mini voice recorder is compatible where you can carry the voice recorder  any where in your travel. 

Many companies are producing the voice recorders in these days. Buying a voice recorder doesn't matter. As the voice recorder is of security we should buy it from the Professional manufacturer of security products.

Get the best voice recorder for you mobile phone or for your home telephone which have the digital quality voice.

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