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Jul 4, 2012

Samsung Galaxy SIII - Designed for Humans

Samsung SIII is the latest and best Smart phone series. This phone is the costlier phone in the Android series. Although it's costlier, the phone worth for the cost. This phone has the most advance and amazing features  for the users.

Samsung SIII comes with Android Ice Cream Sandwitch OS which is the latest  Operating System for the Mobiles. It has Samsung Exnyos quad-core 1.4GHz processor and  1 GB RAM for fastest operating and 4.8 inch HD AMOLED touch screen with Touch Wiz UI. You can save your best moments with the 8 MP camera which provides 20 shots in one second and give you 8 photos among the 20 images. This is one of the best feature in Samsung SIII. Since it's a HD camera, you can shot HD videos and it has the front camera of 1.9 MP. Most of the smart phones have VGA or 1.3 MP camera. This is the smart phone have high pixel front camera. It comes with the Internal memory of 16/32/64 GB. You can also extend the memory with the card slot provided.

Samsung SIII

Special Features :

Battery indicator : Like the Apple iOS, we can see the % of the battery without using any application. The % of Battery will be displayed near the battery symbol.

Sort your Apps :We can now sort the apps in alphabetical order. This feature will be useful while searching an app.

Message Bubbles : all the smart phones will have the default bubbles for messaging. In Samsung SII , we can customize the Bubbles.

Video Pop-Up : We can watch video and work in an app at the same time. With the new feature Pop-up Video play, the video will play in some corner of the screen while we working in an app. The brightness of the video will differ with the movement of our eyes.

Other Features The Galaxy S3 has a few other features which I don't see myself using, but might work for you:Extended Motion ActivationPreviously on the Galaxy S2, there is already a few basic motion gestures, like zoom in-out, flip-to-mute. The Galaxy S3 now has a few more:

        Direct Call - while viewing a call, message, or contact details, just place the phone to your ear and the S3 will call the person.

        Smart Alert - if you have missed notifications, the phone will alert you when you pick you the phone.

        Tap to Top - just double-tap the screen and the contact or email list will jump back to the top.

        Shake to Update - shake the phone to search for Bluetooth devices.

        Palm Swipe - capture screen

        Palm Mute/Pause - mute or pause sounds by covering the screen with your palm.

        Smart Stay The phone detects you are reading and will not turn off the screen.

Samsung SIII White

S Voice The iPhone equivalent of Siri. It actually works when I ask to check my upcoming appointments, weather, or create message or make a call. However, I'm one of the majority who finds talking to a phone silly.

S Beam The ability to transfer content to another compatible phone without
wires or pairing.


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