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Jul 4, 2012

Take the Kia Rio Scavenger Hunt

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kia Rio for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Everyone like to have a ride in SUV or a car to the cities. The path we travel dosent matter, but the comfort we get from the vehicle is more important. If we felt comfort, we ride for a long time. Here is the best oppurtunity for car riders. 

One i was in the Geochache Challenge. I want to take photos of the Road we cross though the Car. The photos should show trhe reality of the people and must be different. When we are in the road, i couldn't found anything strange or different. That's the same road i travel all the day. That may be the reason i couldn't found any strange things. So i deceided to take pictures differently. I took pictures in diagonal, up-side down. While shooting one  picture i was in sitting in the car door. After the shoot i was about to fell down.By luck the person near by me holded my shirt and saved me.  I found that moment was challenging.
Take the Kia Rio scavenger hunt and have a ride to your favourite city and share your experience. You can use the amazing features in the Rio car like Bluetooth, USB Jack, Rear Camera Display. Check the Rio Explorer Page for more details. Ride the car and win a chance to meet the hollywood celebrity.  Take photos and videos in the ride and get more exiting prizes.  Rio was built with the UVO Technology. Read more about the UVO Technology before you ride the car. 

With the Bluetooth facility you can attend your phone call while driving. you dont need to hold your phone. You can concentrate on your driving while talking to your friend.  No more CD's or DVD's for your favourite music. With the USB jack, you can connect your USB stick and listen to your favourite music. You can enjoy the Full Sound and Music with the 4 speakers in the car. With the help of SiriusXM Traffic, you can able to know about the current traffic and weather.  The features i loved most is the Bluetooth and USB Jack. I used to listen music even when i cycling and i change my music often in my Ipod. With the feature of USB Jack, i don't need to carry CD's anymore. I can have all the songs in one Usb Stick. Bluetooth is the awsome feature i found. I dont need to search for my mobile while driving. I can answer the phone by switching one button in my stearing.

You have many reasons to ride the rio car. It provides you a amazing mileage, The most amazing is they are providing 10 years/100,000 miles warranty. They too take care of your safety. With the advanced saftey system, you will be more secure when accidents occur. With the Rear live camera you can have the view of the road in your diaplay. It helps to park the vehicle easily.With the UVO technology from Microsoft, you can control the car phone and audio systems with your voice.

The previous contestants have visited most popular places like The Roosevelt Hotel, Pink's Hot Dos , Rodeo Drive etc  in Los Angels. Watch the video of the previous contestants  and provide your comments on your comments area.


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  1. You are taking the pictures in the different different styles!
    Kia Hollywood