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Jul 22, 2012

Get to know more about your DNA with ConnectmyDNA

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of ConnectMyDNA.com for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
DNA is the important factor for all the living beings. The DNA determines the character and the appearance of the living being. DNA is connected to all our activities in our daily life.

We will eager to know about our friends. That's why the social networks are so popular nowadays. Is it fun if we know more about ourselves. Cool right ? Now you can know more about yourselves with the gene ring. You can know more about yourselves and your friends and you can compare the properties of your DNA and your friends DNA with the online tool provided by ConnectMyDNA™.

To know more about your DNA and your Friends DNA you need to get the
gene ring. It contains the DNA Collection kit. Collect your DNA and send back the DNA Sample. You can find the Interesting facts about your DNA in the online within few days. Now you can avail $29 offer in ConnectMyDNA™ with the promo code: IZEA290512. Use the code code and save your money. You can also get to know about the DNA characters of your friends.

This test is not to tell about your ancestors or something. This test is about your present life and similarities about the people among yourselves. If you know about your DNA, you can find your partner that perfect fit for you.

Many people will care about their sensitive and personal details. Your Personal data's will be safe with the test. Your name will not be displayed in the test. You can get the test details only by Serial Number. Your personal and sensitive data's will not be shared with anyone. 

With the gene ring, you can learn something new about yourselves. Visit ConnectmyDNA.com to get to know more the GENE RING and about your DNA test with ConnectMyDNA™.

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