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May 27, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 - Best Partner for your Business

As i said in my previous posts Samsung is one of the leading mobile company in the world. They are the main competitor for Nokia in the Indian market. Samsung overtakes Nokia in the smart phones for just one reason, the Android OS. Samsung releases the smart phones with Android OS. Nokia will not release the phones with Android OS. They release the smart phones with the Symbian OS or in Windows OS. Symbian OS has many defects. The phone will get hang in some times. The speed of the phone will less when compared to Android OS mobile phones. 

Samsung Galaxy Pro

Samsung has released the smart phone in the business  model. That is the phone with QWERTY keypad. Samsung galaxy Pro is the first Android phone comes in Business model. The phone have all the smart phone features and the business applications. You can even download more than 1000's of applications from Android market. This phone comes with the ThinkFree office to create,open and edit the documents in your mobile. You can do all the work with your phone. You don't need a computer to edit the documents. You can edit the documents in the traveling time.  You can integrate all the mail services in the social Hub where you will receive notifications from the all the mail-ID's you have. The mobile contains the secured Wi-Fi connection where you don't need to activate the internet connection from your service provider. You can connect to your home Wi-Fi connection or to your office or college Wi-Fi connection. 

Galaxy Pro front-Back-Side View

The phone has both touch screen and keypad. The mobile supports both the EDGE and 3G network. You can browse faster in the 3g network. It has the 3MP camera with 3X zoom. You can have all the entertainment with the Galaxy Pro phone like other Smart phones. You can play games. listen to music and watch videos. The phone supports upto 32GB memory card where you can store more songs and videos as your memories.

Samsung galaxy Pro

The battery backup is amazing for this phone. It has 11 hours of talk time in the 2G network and 6 hours 20 minutes in the 3G network. It was one of the best features in this phone. It has the maximum standup time up to 610 hours. The mobile phone is worth for the money you are paying. The cost of this mobile pone is Rs. 12,000/-

May 24, 2011

Samsung Galaxy POP CDMA I559 - The Best Smart phone for CDMA Network

Smart phones are the latest trend in India. 90% of the mobiles selling today are the smart phones. Due to this the mobile rates are reduced. We can get the smart phones from the rate of Rs. 5000/-. Few years back we can get the smart phones at Rs. 25,000 with reduced features. But now, we can get most of the advanced features for just Rs. 8000. The technology improved a lot and the prices went down. Samsung, Apple, Nokia are the leading companies releasing more smart phones to the market. There is a healthy competition between these companies in the market. With competition they are reducing the price of the mobiles and they are releasing the new mobile models with advanced features. Every month the companies are releasing the new models. Samsung was also released the new smart phone in this month for CDMA users.

Galaxy POP CDMA I559

They released this mobile phone in the galaxy series. The model name of the mobile is Samsung Galaxy POP CDMA I559. This mobile is for the CDMA users. This phone operates on the Android OS 2.2. It comes with full flexibility for OMH. People can use any network CDMA SIM card. I hope this the best smart phone for CDMA network. Like other Android phones we can download 1000’s of apps from the Android store. This phone supports the Voice +SMS. We can download songs and video’s at the speed of 3.1 Mbps.

GALAXY POP Front-back-side

It come with the processor speed of 800Mhz. It supports Multi-tasking where we can work in more than one application at a time. It supports upto 32GB where you can store HD videos and songs for our fun. You can connect to the internet with the Wi-fi connection. With the high speed processor, you can download the files at a high speed.We can connect this phone as a modem to the computer.


The talk time battery backup is up-to 5 hours. The Standby time of the mobile is 320 hours. The cost of the mobile phone is Rs. 9500/-

May 21, 2011

Samsung Nexus SI9023 - The Phone that Satisfies everyone

Samsung is one of the leading Mobile Company in the world.  No one in the world can beat Samsung for their clarity. Even the Apple bought the screen from Samsung Electronics. Some tears back they were not popular in India. Nokia was the king in India. In the recent years many companies have come to Indian market. Samsung plays a major role in the competition of Nokia. Samsung released many smart phones and multimedia phones at rates lower than Nokia. We can say Samsung has defeated Nokia in Smart phones. They have released more models in Smart phones than Nokia. Nokia has not released the Android OS phone. Samsung releases only the Android phones and their BADA OS phones. Android OS phones are the fastest selling phones in the market. Android phones have many features in it. We can also install many applications in Android OS. There are more than Lakhs of Applications are available in the Android Market. 

Android Symbol

Samsung has released the new Android Phone in the Smart Phone series. The name of the phone is Samsung Nexus.  It has the brilliant features in it. They designed this mobile especially for Fast access and control.  You can make the video calling much faster than any other mobiles. The mobile comes with the Mobile version of Skype software. With the video calling you can be with your loved one every time. You can copy and paste the text’s while messaging. The copy and paste option will be easy to message your friends. 

Samsung NexusS I9023

You can also enjoy the 3D graphics for games. It provides you the cutting edge graphics.  Nexus has the perfect gaming platform utilizing 3D graphics and fast processing power. You can enjoy your PS experience with the Samsung Nexus. You can access the internet faster and download the applications, songs, videos in much faster rate. You can browse faster than any other mobiles in the market.

Samsung Nexus

Samsung Nexus have the amazing features in it. You can talk up to 13 hours in 2G network and 6 hours in 3G network. It is the most amazing factor when compared to any other mobiles. No other mobile companies can provide the talk time battery life for 13 hours. They can provide you the battery backup for 6 or 7 hours in 2G network.  It has the full touch screen of 4” size. It has the 5MP camera where you can click your moments for your sweet memories.  You can load the songs and videos up to 16 GB.

The mobile have all the features in it. It worth of buying the mobile instead of buying a laptop. We can do most of the things we do in our laptop. The cost of the mobile is Rs. 28,000/-.

May 19, 2011

Micromax Bling2 - The smart phone for Girls

Micromx is the fastest growing Korean company in India. They are releasing the new model phones with advance features. They are the mobile company releases phones especially for ladies. They released a new ladies mobile micromax bling2. The mobile will suit for the ladies who is fond of fashion. The design of bling2 mobile have the diamond like stones in it. Already this mobile catches a place in the people's heart by their fantastic Ad. The ad for this mobile was awesome.

Micromax Bling2
The mobile have the features of 3G, Mi-Fi Wireless Internet. It also have the GPS Navigation. It has the internal memory of 150MB. The best feature of this mobile is Dual SIM. This is the first Android OS Dual SIM Phone.

The mobile comes with the 7 in-build Applications. NetQuin Anti Virus, Office Suite, What's App, Money control, Mundu TV, SAAVN and Miromar. You can have lot of fun with this mobile. 

The Battery backup will come up to 6 days. The mobile comes with the pouch which consists of a space for mobile and a mirror and a space for a pen. Totally Micromax Bling2 is the perfect match for Girls. 

The cost of the mobile is Rs. 8500/-. The mobile more worth than the money you send.

May 10, 2011

Samsung Galaxy ACE - The next Generation Phone

The smart phones replace all the old phones. Most of the people have the smart phone with them.  HTC and apple introduced the smart phones in a grand manner. But due to some inconvenient options with the phone usage and the OS, the smart phones did not pick up in the beginning. The phone companies started developing the easy user interface smart phones and released to the market at low cost.  With the advanced features the smart phones replaces the old model phones. 

Samsung galaxy ACE

Phones were started making using the high speed processors and with RAM. The phones will work at e speed of Mhz. Samsung has released the smart phone with high speed processor. We can do almost most of the functions we do with the computers.
Samsung has released the new Smart phone with Android OS and Processor with speed of 800Mhz.  The screen size of the mobile is 3.5 inches. We can download more than 10000 apps from the Android market. You can access all your social networking and the emails in your home screen of your phone.
You can surf at very fast with the high speed processor of 800Mhz. This phone features with the QWERTY soft keypad for the fastest typing. 

A new feature has added with this phone where we can search through the internet with your voice. To search an word, just spell the word. The phone will search the content for you.  This phone is money worth for you.
The phone comes with the price of Rs.15,000/-

May 7, 2011

G-Five U988 - The duplicate of the Sony ericson mobile

G-Five is one of the fastest growing Mobile Brand in India.  They are the second largest mobile sellers in India. Nokia holds the first position. They hold the top position because of the features in the mobile and the design of the mobiles they release. All the mobiles will have the dual SIM facility. They release the mobile model with the same of Nokia. This time they copied the design from Sony Ericson.

G’Five U988 is like the Sony Ericson model. This mobile also have the dual SIM feature. This mobile have the 2.2” QGVA display and the digital VGA camera. This is a Slim model phone. People like to have Slim phone can have this phone. The backup of the battery is amazing. The battery will standby upto 20 days. It has all the features of the recent technology phone. It has the music player, Video player. Enjoy the music with the slim model mobile phone. This is one of the success mobile phone model from G’Five. 

May 1, 2011

Micromax M2 - A Music player Phone

Micromax is one of the fastest growing mobile company in India. They are the first Korean company that released the Android OS Smart phone. The best feature of the micromax phones are the dual SIM feature.

Micromax M2
Micromax has released a new mobile phone. The mobile phone looks like a Music player. More than the phone feature, this mobile have the music player feature. It has the Music navigation wheel and SRS wow HD audio. It also have the built in Yamaha Audio Amplifier. They provide the Dome Headset with the Phone. 

Micromax M2 - Headset

The Micromax M2 have the Following Specifications:
Form Factor Bar Style

Dual GSM Band (900/1800Mhz)

Dimensions 44.8mm * 113mm * 10.8mm

Display 5.1cms, TFT (240*320) with Touch wheel

Camera 2.0 MP

Music Multi Format Music Player

3.5mm Jack Yes

Stereo FM Radio Yes

Video Player Yes , (3GP/MP4)

Video Recorder Yes

Video Player Yes (supports multiple formats)

Messaging Yes, SMS & MMS

Games Yes

Bluetooth(A2DP) Yes

Email Yes


Internal Memory MicroSD (upto 2GB)

Battery Type Li-ion 850mAh

Talk Time Up to 8 hours*

Standby Time Up to 6 days *

Micromax M2 yellow

The Cost of this mobile phone is Rs. 3500/-