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Oct 27, 2011

LAVA S12 - The New Android phone from LAVA at Rs.8500

2011 is the time for the Android mobiles. People love Android phones nowadays. Most of the people are looking for the Android phones. The current trend in the Indian Market is Android Phones. Samsung captured first place in the Indian market with the Smart phone series powered by Android OS. Now LAVA Mobiles also jumped into the Android phone market. They have released their First Android Phone LAVA S12 in the Diwali Eve. The New Android LAVA S12 comes under Rs.10, 000/- category. The cost of LAVA S12 is just Rs. 8500/-.


3D Menu

The phone is featured with Android 2.2 OS. It has 600 MHz processor. The in-build memory is very less compared to other Android Phones. It comes with the In-build memory of just 120MB. We can extend the memory up to 32GB. The phone comes with the more than 10 pre-installed applications. We will also get the Zenga TV application with free One year subscription.

LAVA S12 3G & Wi-Fi

LAVA S12 is 3G Enabled and has the Wi-Fi feature where you can connect to the internet at any places where the Wi-Fi Network is available. This mobile comes with the fully loaded entertainment. It comes with the You Tube application and with pre-installed games. With the 5MP camera you can capture all the important moments in your life and store it in your mobile. They made a difference in the menu style. The menu was in 3D style. This will give you a new Visual Experience in your phone.

Smart Sensors

This phone also has an amazing feature called Smart Sensors.  People will keep their phones in Pocket. The Smart Sensor in the phone will be activated automatically when we keep the phone in the pocket or in bag. When our phone was in bag or in pocket, upon receiving the incoming call it will automatically vibrates and the volume will increase from the user set level. We can put the phone in silent when the phone rings by just sliding the hand for the phone. The phone has the amazing features with Android OS. 

Classy Look



Oct 21, 2011

Feel Richer with the Latest Android Smart Phones

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Mobile Phone is the way of communication. You can see people without food but it is rare to find people without Mobile phone. With the mobile phone we can contact any person, anywhere in the world at anytime. We can use our mobile phone as a mini computer with the latest android Smart phones. We will feel rich when we have the Android Smart phone and the service provider that provides the talk plan at low rates. We can get all those things with the Straight Talk. We have many benefits with the combination of Android phone and Straight Talk. The Unlimited plan for phone calls, voice calls and texts is just $45. Imagine the amount of money you save switching to straight talk. You will get the latest Android phone with the new connection. Android OS phone is the fastest selling mobiles in the world. Feel Richer with Android phone. It will give you a rich look when you have the Android phone with you. You can utilize all the android applications from the android market. Android OS is the powerful and the amazing mobile phone OS in the world. The power of Android is unbeatable. You can get all the Apps and Games you need.  With the Straight Talk you can get camera, MP3 phones for just $10. Get the Smart phone with smart plan and always without contract. Get the Smart phones from Straight Talk and feel richer.


The getting richer effect has expanded... by LittleBard95


The Straight Talk Image... by LittleBard95

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Oct 20, 2011

Motorola RAZR - An Competition for Samsung SII

Motorola entered into the Smartphone war with Samsung and other leading mobile phone companies. The best ever smart phone is the Samsung SII.  It stands in the No.1 position in the smart phone series. It beats even iPhone 4S. With the competition of Samsung Motorola is going to release it’s new smart phone Motorola RAZR.

Motorola RAZR

Motorola RAZR is expected to release on 18th Oct 2011 in India. The Design beats the Samsung SII. RAZR was blue in colour with 4.3” Super AMOLED Display. It is the thinnest phone in the Universe. It is just 7 mm thin. The outer design is superb. It comes in black colour with diamond cut aluminum accents. Even with the thickness it is the strongest phone. It was designed with KELVAR fibre and the Corning Gorilla Glass will prevent the screen from the scrapes.  It is designed with the splash guard coating to protect from the water. Even the electrical board will not get damage.


Every Smart phone should have the good performance. The Smartphone should work fast as people expect a high speed for the money spend on the mobile. Motorola RAZR comes with the 1.2 GHz Dual Core Processor with 1GB RAM keeps people much faster than they expect. The most amazing feature is the MOTOCAST an In-Built Application where you can sync the phone to the PC and stream music, Video and Photos safely from anywhere in the country without using the phone’s memory.

It also has the Dual Camera with the 8MP camera and 1080p HD video recording at the backside and an HD camera at the front end for video calling. People can have the video recording and the photos as their moments with the 32 GB Memory. People can download many applications and Games from the Android market. The phone comes with the latest Android OS. The price of Motorola RAZR was not yet released. This phone is far better than the Samsung SII. 

Oct 12, 2011

Sony Ericssion Xperia Arc - The Smart Phone that meets all your need

Sony ericssion plays an important role in the mobile industry. It is one of the leading mobile companies in India. They had many successful mobile models. The screen resolution and sound will be good in Sony phones. In the recent days Sony was failed to release the best mobile models. After a long time they have released the Android phone with its best quality and with the most advanced features.

Xperia Arc

Sony ericssion Arc runs on the latest Android OS. It is the most advanced phone in the Universe. We can say it is 3 in 1 phone. We can use it like computer for browsing in Internet with its QWERTY On-Screen keyboard. With the 8.1MP camera we can use the mobile as a Camera as well as Video Recorder. We can use this as a mobile as well. The camera has many advanced features.
Brilliant Display Xperia Arc


It has the Red-Eye reduction feature which works While taking photo. It also got the best LED flash light where you can take photos even in dark places. We can Zoom up to 2.46x. We can even record videos in High Definition. Just touch the screen to focus on a particular area.  It also have the auto focus and face detection.


We can connect to the FM radio and have the entertainment for 24 hours. We can view our favourite videos in you tube and we can even upload the videos in you tube. We can play games in online as well as installing HD games and 3D games.
Xperia Arc with iPhone


Xperia Arc comes with the in-built facebook application, Google talk, Twitter, Noise Shield, and many other essential applications.


This phone has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity. It comes with the pre-installed Google maps, Google latitude. We can connect to the Computer through the USB port. We can even connect the phone to the TV for bigger display. It also supports HDMI connectivity.

Display Design:

Sony has changed some of the display interface. They have included the Sony’s default display characteristic. We can feel it has the features of Sony’s OS.
Sony Ericcsion Arc Views


We can connect to the Android market and download more than one lakh applications. Most of the applications are free of cost. 

Oct 3, 2011

Karbonn Tornado K1616 - Smart phone for Middle class people

In the recent days, you might have seen the new ad for the Karbonn mobile. One guy will come with a phone and a storm will come and it will get enter into his mobile. They show most of the application logos and the social network logos in the storm. They are mean to say that the mobile contains all the apps and we can install all the applications in the mobile. The mobile shown in the Ad was Karbonn K1616.

The mobile has many features in it. It has the big screen of 8.9 cm. The mobile has three types of main menu. One menu is like the menu in iphone. Another two menus are the 3D interface. One menu is like the space galaxy and another is spiral. We can even arrange the order of the icons in the menu. The front page looks like the android wallpaper. The phone contains 5 different screens where we can arrange photos, contacts, media player, and application shortcuts.  They have copied many features from the most popular mobile phones. The phone comes in black colour and weights 135 grams. It supports up to 8 GB external memory.

Karbonn K1616 comes with the pre-installed applications of Opera Mini, twitter, Skype, Facebook and with some other games. We can also install the java applications in the phone. It supports all the java applications. This phone is most suitable for watching videos. With the brilliant and wide display, the videos will be clear and wide. It has the audio player and 3.2MP camera. But the camera doesn’t have the clarity of 3.2MP camera. The camera has the clarity of the VGA camera. It is the only default in this mobile phone.

The phone has the good battery backup. The price of this mobile is Rs.4000/-