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Oct 12, 2011

Sony Ericssion Xperia Arc - The Smart Phone that meets all your need

Sony ericssion plays an important role in the mobile industry. It is one of the leading mobile companies in India. They had many successful mobile models. The screen resolution and sound will be good in Sony phones. In the recent days Sony was failed to release the best mobile models. After a long time they have released the Android phone with its best quality and with the most advanced features.

Xperia Arc

Sony ericssion Arc runs on the latest Android OS. It is the most advanced phone in the Universe. We can say it is 3 in 1 phone. We can use it like computer for browsing in Internet with its QWERTY On-Screen keyboard. With the 8.1MP camera we can use the mobile as a Camera as well as Video Recorder. We can use this as a mobile as well. The camera has many advanced features.
Brilliant Display Xperia Arc


It has the Red-Eye reduction feature which works While taking photo. It also got the best LED flash light where you can take photos even in dark places. We can Zoom up to 2.46x. We can even record videos in High Definition. Just touch the screen to focus on a particular area.  It also have the auto focus and face detection.


We can connect to the FM radio and have the entertainment for 24 hours. We can view our favourite videos in you tube and we can even upload the videos in you tube. We can play games in online as well as installing HD games and 3D games.
Xperia Arc with iPhone


Xperia Arc comes with the in-built facebook application, Google talk, Twitter, Noise Shield, and many other essential applications.


This phone has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity. It comes with the pre-installed Google maps, Google latitude. We can connect to the Computer through the USB port. We can even connect the phone to the TV for bigger display. It also supports HDMI connectivity.

Display Design:

Sony has changed some of the display interface. They have included the Sony’s default display characteristic. We can feel it has the features of Sony’s OS.
Sony Ericcsion Arc Views


We can connect to the Android market and download more than one lakh applications. Most of the applications are free of cost. 

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