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Nov 29, 2010

Browsing with Mobile Phones

Internet usage has increased with the youngsters. The tariff for the broadband is also decreasing day by day. The Internet plays an important role in the modern world. Most of the communications are done by the internet. All the mobile phones releasing now are coming with the GPRS enables. People are willing to buy only the GPRS enabled handsets. With the GPRS enabled handset they can browse in internet and stay connected with their friends via facebook, orkut and other social networks. The modern phones are coming with pre-installed social network applications. Some times the mobile internet connection will have the speed of the broadband speed. I am using the TATA DOCOMO  mobile service provider and the internet speed is good. I used to download the movies in 3GP format for my mobiles at the rate of 10 to 25 Kb/s speed. With the broadband connection of 256Kb/s you will get this speed of download. The browsing speed is also good where the pages will open in seconds.The people using internet only for browsing and for using the social networks can use the mobile internet connection. The mobile phones are coming with the google maps where you can see the route you want to travel. Many browsers have came for mobile browsing. The opera mini will be the best browser for the mobile phones. The opera mini has got the extra features where you will get the feel of browsing in your PC. You can also connect your mobile phone as modem in your PC or to your laptop. With the mobile internet you can stay connected with your friends via social network even you in out station. stay connected to your friends with the mobile internet and share your experience here.
Apple Phone

Social Network Applications

Nov 21, 2010

Trick helped me browse faster (or ) Trick to faster your internet connection

Everyone have their own internet connection in their home. But everyone will not have the fastest broadband connection. You can fasten your broadband connection in just 2 minutes of work. Click here to make your internet connection faster. The above link will redirect you to my another blog where you can find the procedure to change the settings to improve your internet speed with pictures. This will really help you. I am using the Tata Photon USB Modem. For me the movies will be downloading at 20-30Kbps. After I spend 2 minutes to change the settings the movies are downloading at the rate of 60-150 Kbps. The video streaming and the browsing speed also increased. All you have to do a setting change and restart your computer. Browse and download 20 times faster with your current plan.

Nov 18, 2010

My First Mobile phone

I started using my mobile phone for the past 5 years. I can still remember the day I bought the phone. My first phone is Motorola C115. It doesn’t have any options but still I like that model. It is the cutest phone I had all these 5 years. Now I am using the 5th phone. But still I love that phone. The size of the phone is so small that we can have it in our hands. The phone has the silver color panel and the blue color small display. I bought it when I was doing my first year Engineering graduation. That time I was in hostel and it’s a festival season. We found the ad for the mobiles at low rates. I got Rs.700 with me. I saw the ad for the Nokia color mobile for Rs.1300. I called to most of my friends and got my remaining Rs.600. In 2005 Nokia 1100 model is famous in India. I reached the shop with my friend. When we enquired he said that the Nokia 1100 model cost is Rs.1600. So we both got angry and fought with the shop keeper that he gave an ad of Rs.1300 in the news paper. He said, “We put condition apply in *”. At last we found the Motorola 115 for Rs.1300 with Vodafone prepaid connection. Then I took that phone. But I didn’t like that phone in the first day. But when I reached the hostel, another one guy bought a Nokia color mobile with all the features. But everyone said my phone is cuter than that phone as it will simply hold in our hands. The mobile phone also got the sex curve that attracts everyone in my class. When I started using that phone I was loved to use the phone. As every girls in my class liked that phone. When I was in college for the first 3 months more than me my friends only used that phone. But unfortunately I sold that phone after one year and got the Nokia phone with FM radio.

Nov 12, 2010

The mobile phones best part and the worst part

Nowadays everyone have their own mobile phone. Even the children at the age of 5, 6 have the mobile phone. The mobile has become that much cheaper and the mobile craziness has increased. The mobile cost has reduced to Rs.500 (approx $12). I have seen a poster a famous mobile service is providing the mobile phone and the connection at Rs.500 with life time validity. The call cost was 1 paisa per second (1penny/min). With these kinds of offers even the people at the poverty level will get their mobile phones. Everyone knows about the use of mobile phones. You can communicate with any people in all around the world if they have their mobile phone. With the mobile technology we will not miss any of our loved ones. The mobile technology is growing very fast as we can use our mobile like our personal computer. As we have the data storage up to 32GB in the latest mobile phone. Ten years back most the personal computers will have the maximum storage of 40GB. Now the technology has advanced a lot. But at the same time the mobile technology have the great risk for the future generation. The mobile rays were harmful for the human beings. The rays will affect our human brains. Our generation has started using the mobiles at the age of 17 to 20. But the next generation is using the mobile at the very early stage at the age of 5. The children will get affect by the rays more than the adults. It will affect their brain and they cannot concentrate on their studies. As I mentioned in my previous post misuse of mobile phones by students will show you how the mobile phones are used in the wrong way. Get the mobile phone for your kids when they become adults.

Mobile Phone radiation

potential risk from mobile radiation

Nov 7, 2010

Misuse of mobile phones by students

In the modern world even the school students have their own mobile. People are addicted to the mobiles phones very much. At the small age the people are started using the mobile phones. The signal from the mobile phones will affect the small children and bring them the brain diseases very soon when they are young. The students are using the phones with all the facilities especially the camera of video recording and video play back. With the camera they are started doing the illegal activities. According to the survey nearly 70 to 80 percentages of the students mobile is having the porn videos and the porn photos. And 10 to 20% of the videos are captured by the mobiles phones by them or by their friends. Most of the students are falling in love in nowadays. The guys are taking their girl friend videos and spreading it through the MMS and uploading it in the web. The boys won’t feel for this kind of activity. For the girls it is big thing. At the small age they are not matured and these things will look funny for them. But these things get to know their known one they will commit suicide. The same thing was happened to my friend nearby house. The girl showed her whole body to her boy friend and had sex with him. He took the video and published to everyone. When the girl came to know about that she committed suicide. Her parents were helpless now. Make sure your kids are using their mobile phones in a proper way. Get them a basic mobile until they get the maturity. When the maturity comes they will know about the life and they will get to know what is good and what is bad. The above said things are happening due to the non maturity. Guide them before they get spoiled by looking the outside world. Get them the mobile phone what features they need at their age.

Nov 2, 2010

Importance of mobile in our life

In nowadays everyone own a mobile with them. The Mobile becomes the most important device in our daily life. More over mobile is the best friend to many of the people. With the mobile it is easy to communicate with other people. The mobile phone will help in all the necessary times. The greatest advantage with the mobile phone is we can carry the mobile to anywhere. Other than making calls to other we have a lot of functions with the mobile. The mobile is like a small computer. The entire basic mobile itself will have the calendar, reminder and the alarm options where we can schedule our works. So we will not miss out our activities. We can have the contact with our people in all the times. It will be very useful for the girls. When the girls are in outside the parents will worry about them when they are little bit late. But if they have the mobile phone, parents they can contact her and ask her and ask her. The mobile phone will help you to stay connected with the people far away. With the mobile phones we can always be connected with our loved once. We will miss our loved one if they are far away from you. But if you have the mobile with you and them you won’t miss them.

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