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Sep 19, 2010

Nokia's new Dual SIM Phones

As of today every owns minimum of two numbers for their privacy. One for their business and another for their personal use.People are showing interest to buy the duall sim phones more than having two phones. People like to use a single Sual SIM mobile instead of using two mobile phones. People need the Dual SIM mobile with the additional features like Mp3, Mp4, Video player and Digital camera.The Korean made models and the China made models Satisfied the customers with upsaid features. They ruled the Indian mobile market for the past 2 years. With competition the branded mobiles like Samsung, Fly, LG had released their Dual SIM mobile models. Nokia is the only branded mobile company that never released the Dual SIM mobile models, but still they rocked in the mobile market with their new features with the excellent battery backups. Now thay also ready to release their Dual SIM phones. Till now thay have confirmed with the 4 Dual SIM models where one model is released and the other 3 are expexted to release by October. They are releasing with the 3 kind of categories. One targeted to the people who just need the Dual SIM facility with no other extra facility. The Model is C1-00. This model is as like the Nokia Basic model Nokia 1616. Exact the same design with the FM. The Price for this model is 1799 INR. This phone has the Battery backup for 6 weeks and the talk time is for upto 13 hours. The C1-01 and C1-02 comes with the same feature of Fm, Mp3 player, microSD slot and VGA camera and with 64MB internal memory for C1-01 and 64Mb user memory for C1-02. Both the models can expandable upto 32GB.The C2-00 model comes with 64MB internal memory with 16MB flash memory. Memory is expandable upto 32GB.

Get ready for the new era of Dual SIM models from Nokia. 


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