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Jun 27, 2011

Metro Duos c3322 - Low cost Dual SIM phone with many features

Dual SIM and smart phones are the modern trend in the Indian market. People are looking for the smart phone or for the Dual SIM phones. Many mobile companies have released their Dual SIM phones at low cost with the basic features. 

Samsung is one of the leading mobile brand in the Indian market. They released many phones in the last 2 quarters. They defeated Nokia in World market in the last quarter after 14 years. 

Metro Duos - C3322

Samsung is released their new mobile model in the dual SIM series. They named the mobile as Metro Duos C3322. This phone is the multimedia phone with Dual SIM facility. It is a Dual standby model. Both the SIM's will function at the same time. If we are in call in one network, and if we got call in another SIM, the caller will get the message as caller is busy. This feature was not available in other brand mobiles. Only Samsung mobiles have this facility. 

The Metro Duos C3322 have a good looking. The mobile is sleek and looks good. With the GPRS facility, we can connect to the internet at any time and we can stay connected with our friends with the social networking apps  in the Metro Duos C3322. This mobile is having the weather widget, where we can get the exact temperature across the world.


This phone has many multimedia functionality. It has the Bluetooth. We can share our files and get the files from our friends file and even from our laptops. We can even connect to internet from our laptop using the Bluetooth. The phone will work as a modem. We can access the modem feature of the mobile via Bluetooth.( I used to connect like this way). We need to do some changes in the modem settings to connect to internet. The service provider officers will help us to change the settings. 

The phone memory is expandable. We can extend the memory card up to 16GB. With the 16GB memory we can store thousands of songs in our mobile. We can listen to the music whenever we want. We can even play videos. It supports mobile format videos

Metro Duos C3322 Apps


Metro Duos C3322 supports Java applications. We can install java games and application to our phone. We can find more than thousands of java applications in the market. 

It has the 2MP camera where we can shot our moments in our life. As like other Samsung phones, the clarity of the phone is awesome.

Finally the battery backup is awesome. It has 500 hours backup in standby mode and 10 hours talk time.

The cost of the mobile is Rs. 3,800/-.

Jun 21, 2011

Change is easy

In olden days people will know other’s personality with their dressings. Now it’s technical world. People will get to know about the personality of a person by the gadgets he/she is using. Professional people will use the gadgets looks very professional. People who are fashion oriented will use the gadgets with modern fashion designs. The gadgets will be with many colours or with many designs. Laptops are the modern trend among the Youths. 75% of the Youths have their own Laptop. People working in a high profession will have the laptop skin professional. But still there are people working as professionals are fashion oriented in their personal life. They spilt their life into two. Professional in Office and Fashionable in Personnel. They have a good sense of dressing humour. Their gadgets will show who they are. They have all the gadgets separately for office and for functions, pubs. People from village to city will get to change their lifestyle in a couple of years. I came to city 5 years back. I never had any of the gadgets with me. In the 2nd year I bought a mobile phone for me. The mobile phone had the basic facility and the FM radio facility. In the 3rd year I bought the Personal Computer. It had the configuration of 15 inch CRT monitor, Dual Core Processor, 512 MB RAM and DVD Writer. I was very happy when I bought the Computer. But in the next few months one of my friends bought the laptop. From that, I tempted to buy a Laptop. In the mean while I changed mobile models many times. First time I had the Motorola C100 mobile phone. After six months I bought the Nokia 2300, then after one year I bought a Korean mobile, now I have LAVA A10. The mobile phone has all the features. It’s a full touch screen phone. I change my gadgets often when the technology changes. Changing is easy when we change from a lower technology to higher technology on gadgets. Recently I bought the DELL INSPIRON 15R laptop. I would like to have the Red Skin for my laptop. Due to shortage of money I am having the black skin. I would prefer the red colour skin and the skin design with black and while colour. Changing is easy for the change of skins for DELL LAPTOPS. We can find the Various Skin designs in the Dell Inspiron Page. Look for hundreds of skins and select the best designs that suits to your personality.

Jun 18, 2011

Best promotional deals and marketing ideas

Many products are launching in the market every day. People will get to know about the new product through promotional ads. To market a product promotion is very important. One can promote their products in many ways. The promotion can do through TV shows, websites and stalls in-front of the malls and in shops. The latest trend is online promotion. Nowadays people are purchasing their product through online shopping. The sales of the product will get increase tremendously when the products are promoted through online. The ever best-selling products are the stationary items. People have no time to go to the shop and buy the stationary items for their kids or to their office purpose. Most of the people are buying the products from the online shops. We can find many stationary item promotions especially for amsterdamprinting promotional pen in websites. They promote more than millions of products every month. We can find many websites for promoting the products. Some websites will just promote the products and some promotional sites will bring the best deals to their visitors. We can purchase the products in discount price. The quality of the product remains the same. In business marketing ideas are important that will bring the customers and increases the sales which results in high turn-around. That’s how promotional companies will work to increase the users and to make the users to buy the products.

Jun 6, 2011

HTC EVO 3D - First 3D phone in India

People always like new technology. People will like more when the new technology came to market.  The recent technology in the gadget is the LED display and the 3D display. Many TV’s have come with 3D technology. Now the 3D technology also came with mobile technology. To experience the 3D technology, we need the Special glasses. Isn’t cool we have the 3D display phone and we can experience the 3D effect without the glasses. 

HTC EVO 3D Video

But with the new technology of HTC we don’t need to wear the glasses to experience the 3D effect. We can see the 3D effect with our bare eyes. HTC has released its new 3D gHD display phone. They named the phone as HTC EVO 3D. The phone has the amazing features compared to other phones. 

With this HTC EVA we can capture the photos and videos in 3D and view them in 3D without glasses. The display size of the screen is 4.3 inches. The phone comes with latest version of Android OS. 

With this phone we can access to our social networks even the phone is in lock mode. We can add more contents to our home screen. With the home screen gadgets, we can create a home icon and access them by just a click on the icon. The browsing speed is faster than any other mobiles. 

The phone comes with dual camera in the back side. We can take pictures in 2D mode and in 3D mode. We can capture the moments of our life as it is. We can even capture videos In 3D and share the videos in social networks and in you tube by just a click. 

HTC EVO Dual Camera

We can connect to internet at anywhere with the build-in Wi-Fi connectivity. We can extent the memory up to 32 GB. 

The price of the phone will be expected around Rs.30,000/-

Jun 4, 2011

Korean Mobiles Vs Branded Mobiles

Smart phones have become more famous in the Indian people. Every people are buying the touch screen phones. In the last few years many mobile companies have arose. Many electronic companies have started producing mobile phones. All the companies are releasing the touch screen phones in the name of smart phones. The touch screen will work properly in all the phones. But the phones will not have the functions of the smart phone. They will just the basic functions of the phones with some multimedia operations. We can browse to the internet and we can connect to the internet.  Some of the phones will work as modem in the computers. But the phones will not support multi-tasking. We can install the java applications in the phone. But we cannot install all the java applications for smart phones. We can install only very few java applications. Phones will not support many of the java applications. The clarity may be good. But the camera clarity will not be good. They will provide the ad as the mobile is having 3.2MP camera. But the mobile will not have that clarity. The mobile phone will just have the 1.3 MP camera qualities. Some phones will not have that clarity also. They will just have the VGA camera clarity. Many people will buy the local brand (Korean brand) mobiles for cheap cost and they will feel when they got the mobile. But some of the low cost mobile phones will have some good features. We can buy those phones. We cannot buy the Korean model and the local brand mobiles. It’s our duty to check in the market and to all people before we purchase the phone. The shop sales people will just tell all the mobiles are good. We cannot trust all the sales man. So it is better to buy the branded mobiles. The branded mobiles will be little bit costlier. But we can trust the branded mobiles. They will not cause any harm to our body. The Korean mobile phones will emit lot of radiations. In the branded phones the radiation will be very less. Think before you buy the mobiles.

Jun 2, 2011

The Real Beauty of our Life

What is real beauty? Beauty differs for men and Women. For men beauty is their heart. Beauty is their kindness to other people. Live for others. For Women beauty is the combination of both their heart and external appearance. People having external beauty are never thought as the real beauties. They should have a heart, which heart should function with blood and muscles and not with machines. People who are all kind to others and live truly for others are the real beauty in life. One can cheat them, but they should not cheat their loved one. People who all are true for their loved one are the real beauty. Many people will give surprises to their loved one many times. Those moments are memorable for the loved one. That moment is the real beauty for the person who made the moment memorable. We will feel some people are special to us. The people who made us to feel like that are not because of their external appearance. It’s because of their care and affection towards us. Real beauty is not only about the external appearance. The real beauty is the good character of a person. Check out the Yahoo! Real Beauty to read more about the What is Real beauty.