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Jun 4, 2011

Korean Mobiles Vs Branded Mobiles

Smart phones have become more famous in the Indian people. Every people are buying the touch screen phones. In the last few years many mobile companies have arose. Many electronic companies have started producing mobile phones. All the companies are releasing the touch screen phones in the name of smart phones. The touch screen will work properly in all the phones. But the phones will not have the functions of the smart phone. They will just the basic functions of the phones with some multimedia operations. We can browse to the internet and we can connect to the internet.  Some of the phones will work as modem in the computers. But the phones will not support multi-tasking. We can install the java applications in the phone. But we cannot install all the java applications for smart phones. We can install only very few java applications. Phones will not support many of the java applications. The clarity may be good. But the camera clarity will not be good. They will provide the ad as the mobile is having 3.2MP camera. But the mobile will not have that clarity. The mobile phone will just have the 1.3 MP camera qualities. Some phones will not have that clarity also. They will just have the VGA camera clarity. Many people will buy the local brand (Korean brand) mobiles for cheap cost and they will feel when they got the mobile. But some of the low cost mobile phones will have some good features. We can buy those phones. We cannot buy the Korean model and the local brand mobiles. It’s our duty to check in the market and to all people before we purchase the phone. The shop sales people will just tell all the mobiles are good. We cannot trust all the sales man. So it is better to buy the branded mobiles. The branded mobiles will be little bit costlier. But we can trust the branded mobiles. They will not cause any harm to our body. The Korean mobile phones will emit lot of radiations. In the branded phones the radiation will be very less. Think before you buy the mobiles.

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