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Jun 21, 2011

Change is easy

In olden days people will know other’s personality with their dressings. Now it’s technical world. People will get to know about the personality of a person by the gadgets he/she is using. Professional people will use the gadgets looks very professional. People who are fashion oriented will use the gadgets with modern fashion designs. The gadgets will be with many colours or with many designs. Laptops are the modern trend among the Youths. 75% of the Youths have their own Laptop. People working in a high profession will have the laptop skin professional. But still there are people working as professionals are fashion oriented in their personal life. They spilt their life into two. Professional in Office and Fashionable in Personnel. They have a good sense of dressing humour. Their gadgets will show who they are. They have all the gadgets separately for office and for functions, pubs. People from village to city will get to change their lifestyle in a couple of years. I came to city 5 years back. I never had any of the gadgets with me. In the 2nd year I bought a mobile phone for me. The mobile phone had the basic facility and the FM radio facility. In the 3rd year I bought the Personal Computer. It had the configuration of 15 inch CRT monitor, Dual Core Processor, 512 MB RAM and DVD Writer. I was very happy when I bought the Computer. But in the next few months one of my friends bought the laptop. From that, I tempted to buy a Laptop. In the mean while I changed mobile models many times. First time I had the Motorola C100 mobile phone. After six months I bought the Nokia 2300, then after one year I bought a Korean mobile, now I have LAVA A10. The mobile phone has all the features. It’s a full touch screen phone. I change my gadgets often when the technology changes. Changing is easy when we change from a lower technology to higher technology on gadgets. Recently I bought the DELL INSPIRON 15R laptop. I would like to have the Red Skin for my laptop. Due to shortage of money I am having the black skin. I would prefer the red colour skin and the skin design with black and while colour. Changing is easy for the change of skins for DELL LAPTOPS. We can find the Various Skin designs in the Dell Inspiron Page. Look for hundreds of skins and select the best designs that suits to your personality.

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  1. its true the time changed and the place of dressing taken by gadgets and vehicles.