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Jun 6, 2011

HTC EVO 3D - First 3D phone in India

People always like new technology. People will like more when the new technology came to market.  The recent technology in the gadget is the LED display and the 3D display. Many TV’s have come with 3D technology. Now the 3D technology also came with mobile technology. To experience the 3D technology, we need the Special glasses. Isn’t cool we have the 3D display phone and we can experience the 3D effect without the glasses. 

HTC EVO 3D Video

But with the new technology of HTC we don’t need to wear the glasses to experience the 3D effect. We can see the 3D effect with our bare eyes. HTC has released its new 3D gHD display phone. They named the phone as HTC EVO 3D. The phone has the amazing features compared to other phones. 

With this HTC EVA we can capture the photos and videos in 3D and view them in 3D without glasses. The display size of the screen is 4.3 inches. The phone comes with latest version of Android OS. 

With this phone we can access to our social networks even the phone is in lock mode. We can add more contents to our home screen. With the home screen gadgets, we can create a home icon and access them by just a click on the icon. The browsing speed is faster than any other mobiles. 

The phone comes with dual camera in the back side. We can take pictures in 2D mode and in 3D mode. We can capture the moments of our life as it is. We can even capture videos In 3D and share the videos in social networks and in you tube by just a click. 

HTC EVO Dual Camera

We can connect to internet at anywhere with the build-in Wi-Fi connectivity. We can extent the memory up to 32 GB. 

The price of the phone will be expected around Rs.30,000/-

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