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Jun 2, 2011

The Real Beauty of our Life

What is real beauty? Beauty differs for men and Women. For men beauty is their heart. Beauty is their kindness to other people. Live for others. For Women beauty is the combination of both their heart and external appearance. People having external beauty are never thought as the real beauties. They should have a heart, which heart should function with blood and muscles and not with machines. People who are all kind to others and live truly for others are the real beauty in life. One can cheat them, but they should not cheat their loved one. People who all are true for their loved one are the real beauty. Many people will give surprises to their loved one many times. Those moments are memorable for the loved one. That moment is the real beauty for the person who made the moment memorable. We will feel some people are special to us. The people who made us to feel like that are not because of their external appearance. It’s because of their care and affection towards us. Real beauty is not only about the external appearance. The real beauty is the good character of a person. Check out the Yahoo! Real Beauty to read more about the What is Real beauty.

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