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Oct 26, 2010

Truth Behind the Free SIMs provided by retailers

The mobile become a part in our daily life. People cannot live without mobile. Because the communication has became that much important in human life. In India we can see most of the retail SIM card sellers will provide the free SIMs with talk time of 10 rupees to 50 rupees. All we need is to provide one photo and the address proof and the identity proof. The card will get activated in 5 minutes. They will provide many cards to the same proof also. So people will buy more than one card and finish the balance and through the SIM and get the get the SIM in the next day. Everyone will think the service providers is only providing this kind of offers. Me too thought like that before. But after i worked in the telecom industry i got to know the truth behind the free SIMs provided by the Retailers. The truth is the service providers wont provide these kind of offers. They will have an offer for the distributors for the number of sales. If they crossed the number of new connections in a fixed period of time they will get the profit of more than the profit by selling the cards. So the distributors provide the SIM's at free of cost. When SIM's are provided for free the sales will become ten times more than the normal sales. Distributor can achieve the target within the time and he will get the profit. If the service providers provide the SIMs for free of cost they cannot run the company for a long time. Because for producing a SIM card it costs around 30 Rupees(~$0.75). The companies will have the collabration with the other companies and provide the offers for the distributers. They get that offers in this way and provide the SIMs for free of cost. In Future this leads to be a big problem in the country. Because the mobile numbers have started with number 9 (eg. 988462****). Now itself the number series has come to 7 (eg.788462****). If it goes like this all the numbers will fill and in future a condition will come to reuse the old numbers.

Oct 21, 2010

Growth of Dual SIM Phones

Everyone might be aware of the Dual SIM phones. Dual SIM phones were first introduced by the China made mobiles and the Korean made mobiles. They ruled the Indian mobile market for the more than two years. The reasons for the growth of dual SIM phones are because of its features the mobile companies providing. The Dual SIM mobile phones are coming with the facilities of
1. Camera
2.  MP3/MP4 player
3.  FM receiver with recording
4. Expandable Memory card Slot (Supports upto 4GB)
5. Browsing option
6. Touch Screen
7. Mobile TV
All these facilities came for the price for just Rs. 1500 to Rs. 3000. One year before if we want to buy a mobile with these facilities means we need to spend a minimum of Rs.15000. So many of the people went to this type of china and Korean made mobiles. And another important thing is, In India many of the retail SIM dealers provide the FREE SIM with talk time of rupees 10 to Rs.50. Every one bought more than one SIM for their personal purpose. They used one permanent number and used this kind of free SIM for temporary. When the talk time finishes they just throw the Free SIM and get another SIM. They have to open the Mobile and need to change the SIM every time when they are in need to talk with the Free SIM. For this purpose many people opt for the Dual SIM phones. The Sales of Dual SIM phones were crossed the sales of the single SIM featured mobiles. Because of the Sudden growth of the Dual SIM in the market the leading companies like Nokia, Samsung and Motorola were started the production of the Dual SIM phones. At the beginning Samsung has produced the dual SIM phone for Rs.14000. But that model was a great flop in the mobile market. After that the standard mobile companies also started producing the Dual SIM phones at low cost ranging starts from Rs. 2000. Nowadays all the leading mobile companies are releasing the Dual SIM phones with new facilities. The Dual SIM phones occupied the mobile market in a Short period of time.

Dual SIM Phone 

Oct 19, 2010

Android Phone at 5000 INR

Everyone must be aware of the Android phones.2010 is the great year for the android OS mobile phones. Everyone would like to buy an android phone due to the featurs available in the android mobile phone. But everyone couldnt buy the android phone because of its high cost. The Android mobile phone costs more than 15,000 INR. Many peole are felt bad when someone nearby holding a android mobile phone. No more feelings, here comes the android OS mobile phone at the lowest cost of 5000 INR. After the mobile giants motorola, Samsung has relesed the android phones micromax has planned to release his android OS featured mobile phone wuithin October(expected on 20th ). This android mobile will have all the features of the other android mobile phones have. The release of micromax's android phone will bring a new era of android OS mobile phones. Already micromax was in the top of the mobile maket by providing the full featured mobiles at low cost. Micromax is the mobile for the people who would like to get the full features in low cost. Micromax has also planned to release 4 android phones within march 2011. Hope the micromax's android mobile phone brings a new era in the android mobiles.

Oct 14, 2010

The Spice Mobiles

Spice View D mobile handset is first 3D display handset launched in India at an extremely affordable price of Rs. 4,299. Domestic handset-maker "Spice Mobility" proudly announced its launch as View D is a unique mobile handset and its features and USP makes it stand out of the crowd. It has been made for the users who wish to use smart mobile phones with latest technology and cool features. Interestingly, without using 3D glasses, one may view images and videos on this phone in 3 dimensions and this kind of experience is going to be unique for every mobile user of the nation. Plus, one may get the unique experience with utmost ease.

The company has estimated that 20,000-30,000 View D mobiles would sell in a month. In a Spice View D Mobile Indiaprice-conscious country like ours, this is a huge task to accomplish but View D being an innovative mobile handset will hopefully meet the expectations of people and the sellers both. The handset will be exclusively available all across 750 Hot Spot Spice retail stores in India. According to figures from IDC, more than 38.63 million mobile handsets were sold in India during second quarter of 2010. This gives a clear idea of the demand of affordable mobile handsets in the country.

Coming on to the specifications of the Spice View D handset, first is its 2.4-inch auto-stereoscopic 3D display which can toggle to 2D screen. The phone is also equipped with 2 megapixel camera, dual stereo speakers, MP3 player, FM Radio, stereo Bluetooth and 16GB expandable memory. Its ‘remote wipe’ feature in View D helps you manage the data on phone remotely if the phone is lost or stolen.

Spice View D Features:
- Dual SIM (GSM+GSM)
- 3D Phone
- Auto-Stereoscopic Display
- Remote Wipe
- 2 MP Camera

Spice View D is dual SIM GSM phone with unlimited phone book memory and may also be used as a modem. Spice View D has all the potential to capture the market. Looking at the popularity and demand for 3D experience, Spice planned to tap this growing fervor for 3D and the result was making and launch of Spice View D. It is the result of innovation and in ever flooded Indian mobile market a unique model called as Spice View D will make waves.

Oct 10, 2010

New QWERTY Mobile CG588 CDMA+GSM from fly

After the success of Fly-B430 Fly has released its new QWERTY keypad phone CG588. It has the extra features compared to the fly B430 and have the great look than the B430 model. this mobile supports both CDMA and GSM. The CDMA works within 800Mhz bandwidth and the GSM works with both 900Mhz\1800Mhz.This mobile have the great look for its keypad with red colour for the numbers.This mobile has the salient features of B430 like the snaptu, Opera mini, Nimbuzz, Video player, 1.3MP camera and it supports java where you can install the games and applications.This mobile phone also have the bluetooth connectivity where you can share your files with your friends. This Mobile has all the features of Fly-B430 (to view the speciications of Fly-B430 read my old post about Fly-B430. You can find itin Archives). The battery is really good. The CDMA have the talk time upto 5 hours and the GSM have the talk time upto 8 hours. The standby time is upto 15 days. The price of this new phone will be around 3000INR.


Oct 9, 2010

Micromax E360 - E series mobile for small business people

The Nokia's E-series mobile is famous all over the world. Still the E-series mobile in on sale even though many maodels have released. With the same features of the E-series mocromax is going to introduce the new micromax E360 model. This mobile got the high speed mobile broadband where your mobile internet speed will be faster as compared to other mobiles.This mobile has got the display size262K  TFT (240 *320), 6.1cm The total mobile size is 113mm*50mm*13mm . This mobile has 3.0 MP camera where you can shoot photos an record your memorable movements in your life. This mobile has got the good look as compared to the nokia E-series mobile phones.This mobile also supports the java application where you can install java applications and games in your mobile.You can save upto 1000 phone contacts and 1000 messages. This mobile have the live TV application where you can connect to the TV and view the live shows. Share your files with your friends with the bluetooth facility provided in thid mobile.This mobile supports the micro SD card that expandable upto 8GB. The battery backup has the 6 hours talk time and stand by time upto 8 days. The mobile is expected to release in next month and the expected price would be around 5000INR.


Oct 8, 2010

Cheapest QWERTY Mobile Phone

Nowadays QWERTY keypad mobiles are become popular along with the Dual-SIM phones. Most of the people are going to the QWERTY keypad phone. Even I own a QWERTY keypad mobile phone. As the QWERTY keypad is very easy to messaging, Chatting in online. The QWERTY keypad phone is really helpful for the people who will always connected to the Mobile internet. It gives a pleasent experiance for browsing in online. In oldendays the QWERTY keypad phones were very costly and only few mobile companies like Blackberry were manufactured the QWERTY keypad mobiles. But in nowadays all the companies are manufacturing the QWERTY Keypad mobile phones. The cost for the QWERTY keypad mobiles also low as compared to the olden costs. I am going to share about the QWERTY keypad mobile having cheapest cost. That's Mocromax Q1. This mobile comes with all the features of GPRS, Audio player , video player, MMS, SMS, Sterio FM radio. But in this phone there is no camera. It has the message storage upto 300 SMS and phonebook upto 500 contacts. This mobile supports the Micro SD card expandable upto 4GB. This mobile comes with the pre-loaded features. You can download and install games. The weight of the phone is just 97 grams. The battery standup time is upto 120 hours and the talk time is upto 3 hours. All this features comes with a price of 1500INR. This found this mobile at this rate in one shop. Price will be vary with the shops as i found the same mobile for 1900INR in another mobile shop. 

Micromax - Q1

Oct 5, 2010

Feel the Touch SAMSUNG WAVE S8500

Are you looking for the best touch phone?? Before going to buy just read about this mobile and make your choice. You have the features beyond the smart phones with this mobile Samsung Wave S8500. This mobile have the honour of being the world's first Amoled display. This mobile comes with the Samsung's own Operating system BADA for the best experiance of the mobile OS. The Amoled screen provides you the unmatched luminescence and vivid eye-catching colours for you. You can feel the touch with this mobile.The display has the 3.3" wide screen. With this display you can feel the experiance of non-blur motion in videos and photo slideshows. You can connect with your friends with the social networks applications like facebook, aol, orkut etc., This mobile comes with the very wide applications you never imagined. You can download movies, songs, games from the applications provided by the wave S8500. This mobile provides you the High Definition video player that supports all sort of codec's DivX, Xvid, MPEG4, Real, and WMV with 30fps.

Oct 4, 2010

Truth behind the 50% offer mobiles...

As of today everyone needs a mobile to communicate.Mobile became an essential thing in our daily life. Even the children at the age of 5 to 10 too have their own mobile in their hand. Mobiles have became that much popular. Everything is fine. Do you thing every mobile we bought is original product of the branded company. I can say it's not. There are so many black market companies who stole the concept and the masterpiece of the branded mobiles any manufactures the duplicate pieces with the original brand name at low cost.The mobile shop owners happily buy that pieces at low price and sell it to us at market price. That's why every mobile shops are offering an 40% or 50% discounts in mobiles. They make you to belive that the piece is original. The logo and the stickers will be more good than the original mobile stickers. To avoid all these things try to buy mobiles in Branded show rooms. Even in showrooms there are people sell duplicate models. Before buying mobiles check whether the showroom is an authorized showroom. Check the production unit where the piece was manufactured. Check in internet the mobile company's manufacturing unit details. Many companies are providing the facility to check the originality of the mobiles with their IMEI#. Confirm it with the mobile company's website. Visit the authorized service center once when you bought the mobile. Don't belive every mobile shops with their ads confirm it through and buy the mobile. For the money we are paying, we should use the device for at least 4 to 5 years. Don't buy for the cheaper cost buy for the originality.

Oct 3, 2010

Micromax Q510 Pike- An competition for Samsung Corby

Everyone must aware of the famous mobile model Samsung Corby.Do you want to own a mobile with same style with less price? Then read it!! Micromax introduces the new mobile model Q510-Pike the appreance is same as of Samsung Corby model. This mobile comes in 5 different colours. It has all the Smart phone facilities like we can connect to the mobile internet, Music player, Video recording and player. It comes with 2.0 MP camera where you can shoot your memorable movements.Its a full touch screen mobile with pre loaded features of Numbuzz application consists of several instant messanger, snaptu - an application thats consists everything you need in mobile banking like Gmail, all social network links etc,. It has the pre-loaded Opera mini that makes your browsing more comfortable.It has the bluetooth facility where you can share your files with your friends. The video player supports AVI, MP4, 3GP formats.This handset supports java, you can install the java applications you need like games , share market applications etc,. It supports the MicroSD card upto 32GB. It has the talktime upto 8 hours and standby time upto 15 days. The drawback is it dont have the 3G facility. This phone is available in the market at an affordable price of 4290INR. 

Motorola's new Dual SIM Phones

Every mobile companies in the indian market including Nokia has released their dual SIM phones. Motorola remains silent for these many days and atlast they too released the dual SIM phones. They have released two dual SIM phones in India with affordable prices for their customers.The two models are EX128 and EX115. Both the models has the features of music playback, Bluetooth, FM Radio for the radio geeks. Both the phones supports the microSD memory cards where we can extend upto 32GB. Both the phones have the battery backup for 10 days in single charge. This will be the best while in travelling or in a trip. The EX115 comes with the QWERTY keypad for the people who texts more with the mobiles.The EX128 comes with touch screen of screen size 3.2 inches. The EX115 have a 3.0 MP camera and the EX128  have a 3.2 MP camera. Both the mobiles are supported to connect to connect to the Internet. It comes with the preloaded application of youtube and social networks like facebook,MySpace and Gmail.When comes to the price EX115  costs 4,990INR and EX128 costs 5,990INR. 
Motorola Dual-SIM Phones

Sony Ericssion Xperia X10 - My Experiance

Sony has launched its Xperia-X10 in a very branded way. I am going to share my experiance with that mobile. My friend Rajesh has bought that mobile a 2 weeks before. This mobile has all the features like other Smart phones. It supports 2G as well as 3G network. It have the 65K colour display with Touch Screen. It has the 1GB internal Storage and 384MB RAM. We can extend upto 32 GB and with the mobile they also providing 8GB to us. Hearing the Music in Headphone is really awsome as once again the Sony proved themselves for their standard in their headphones.It has the 8MP camera, with this we dont need an digital camera for our family functions or in any vacations. The photo clarity is really good. It works on Android OS 1.6. To know more about Android OS view my previous post Android OS an Overview. It supports java where we can install games and other applications we need. As many new games for touch phones  were launched in the market we can have a gaming experiance with this Xperia-X10. Not like the previous Sony Phones,this time sony has got a very good battery backup coming forlong days.As my view i will rate 8/10 for this mobile.

Oct 2, 2010

Android OS - an Overview

Everybody knows nowadays many of the mobiles are coming with Android OS. Let’s see something about the Android Operating System. Android OS is a Mobile Operating System developed by the Google. The Android is an Open-Source application for the mobile devices. Before Google this software was developed by the Android Inc. The kernel of the Android OS is based upon the Linux Kernel. About the features the mobiles developed is adaptable to VGA, 2D and 3D graphics libraries based on OpenGL. The Android OS supports the connectivity’s like CDMA. GSM/EDGE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and WiMAX.  The philosophy of Android OS is pragmatic, first and foremost. It supports Threaded text messaging (aka conversation based messaging) is a format in which text messages are displayed as a running conversation (much like instant messages). About the web browsers it is developed by the WebKit layout engine, coupled with Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. Still the Android OS is developed in java it doesn’t have the Java Virtual Machine in the platform and the java byte code is not executable. The java classes will get recompiled in Dalvik executable and run on Dalvik virtual machine. It supports all type of media’s. Android has native support for multi-touch which was initially made available in handsets such as the HTC Hero. It supports the Video calling for the mobiles having he front camera. Voice based applications are applicable with the Android OS. Have the Android OS mobile and enjoy the features of the android features.

Architecture of Android OS