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Oct 19, 2010

Android Phone at 5000 INR

Everyone must be aware of the Android phones.2010 is the great year for the android OS mobile phones. Everyone would like to buy an android phone due to the featurs available in the android mobile phone. But everyone couldnt buy the android phone because of its high cost. The Android mobile phone costs more than 15,000 INR. Many peole are felt bad when someone nearby holding a android mobile phone. No more feelings, here comes the android OS mobile phone at the lowest cost of 5000 INR. After the mobile giants motorola, Samsung has relesed the android phones micromax has planned to release his android OS featured mobile phone wuithin October(expected on 20th ). This android mobile will have all the features of the other android mobile phones have. The release of micromax's android phone will bring a new era of android OS mobile phones. Already micromax was in the top of the mobile maket by providing the full featured mobiles at low cost. Micromax is the mobile for the people who would like to get the full features in low cost. Micromax has also planned to release 4 android phones within march 2011. Hope the micromax's android mobile phone brings a new era in the android mobiles.

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