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Oct 4, 2010

Truth behind the 50% offer mobiles...

As of today everyone needs a mobile to communicate.Mobile became an essential thing in our daily life. Even the children at the age of 5 to 10 too have their own mobile in their hand. Mobiles have became that much popular. Everything is fine. Do you thing every mobile we bought is original product of the branded company. I can say it's not. There are so many black market companies who stole the concept and the masterpiece of the branded mobiles any manufactures the duplicate pieces with the original brand name at low cost.The mobile shop owners happily buy that pieces at low price and sell it to us at market price. That's why every mobile shops are offering an 40% or 50% discounts in mobiles. They make you to belive that the piece is original. The logo and the stickers will be more good than the original mobile stickers. To avoid all these things try to buy mobiles in Branded show rooms. Even in showrooms there are people sell duplicate models. Before buying mobiles check whether the showroom is an authorized showroom. Check the production unit where the piece was manufactured. Check in internet the mobile company's manufacturing unit details. Many companies are providing the facility to check the originality of the mobiles with their IMEI#. Confirm it with the mobile company's website. Visit the authorized service center once when you bought the mobile. Don't belive every mobile shops with their ads confirm it through and buy the mobile. For the money we are paying, we should use the device for at least 4 to 5 years. Don't buy for the cheaper cost buy for the originality.

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