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Oct 26, 2010

Truth Behind the Free SIMs provided by retailers

The mobile become a part in our daily life. People cannot live without mobile. Because the communication has became that much important in human life. In India we can see most of the retail SIM card sellers will provide the free SIMs with talk time of 10 rupees to 50 rupees. All we need is to provide one photo and the address proof and the identity proof. The card will get activated in 5 minutes. They will provide many cards to the same proof also. So people will buy more than one card and finish the balance and through the SIM and get the get the SIM in the next day. Everyone will think the service providers is only providing this kind of offers. Me too thought like that before. But after i worked in the telecom industry i got to know the truth behind the free SIMs provided by the Retailers. The truth is the service providers wont provide these kind of offers. They will have an offer for the distributors for the number of sales. If they crossed the number of new connections in a fixed period of time they will get the profit of more than the profit by selling the cards. So the distributors provide the SIM's at free of cost. When SIM's are provided for free the sales will become ten times more than the normal sales. Distributor can achieve the target within the time and he will get the profit. If the service providers provide the SIMs for free of cost they cannot run the company for a long time. Because for producing a SIM card it costs around 30 Rupees(~$0.75). The companies will have the collabration with the other companies and provide the offers for the distributers. They get that offers in this way and provide the SIMs for free of cost. In Future this leads to be a big problem in the country. Because the mobile numbers have started with number 9 (eg. 988462****). Now itself the number series has come to 7 (eg.788462****). If it goes like this all the numbers will fill and in future a condition will come to reuse the old numbers.


  1. Nice post..Keep blogging like this posts.. Really interesting.....

  2. The truth is the service providers wont provide these kind of offers.