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Oct 21, 2010

Growth of Dual SIM Phones

Everyone might be aware of the Dual SIM phones. Dual SIM phones were first introduced by the China made mobiles and the Korean made mobiles. They ruled the Indian mobile market for the more than two years. The reasons for the growth of dual SIM phones are because of its features the mobile companies providing. The Dual SIM mobile phones are coming with the facilities of
1. Camera
2.  MP3/MP4 player
3.  FM receiver with recording
4. Expandable Memory card Slot (Supports upto 4GB)
5. Browsing option
6. Touch Screen
7. Mobile TV
All these facilities came for the price for just Rs. 1500 to Rs. 3000. One year before if we want to buy a mobile with these facilities means we need to spend a minimum of Rs.15000. So many of the people went to this type of china and Korean made mobiles. And another important thing is, In India many of the retail SIM dealers provide the FREE SIM with talk time of rupees 10 to Rs.50. Every one bought more than one SIM for their personal purpose. They used one permanent number and used this kind of free SIM for temporary. When the talk time finishes they just throw the Free SIM and get another SIM. They have to open the Mobile and need to change the SIM every time when they are in need to talk with the Free SIM. For this purpose many people opt for the Dual SIM phones. The Sales of Dual SIM phones were crossed the sales of the single SIM featured mobiles. Because of the Sudden growth of the Dual SIM in the market the leading companies like Nokia, Samsung and Motorola were started the production of the Dual SIM phones. At the beginning Samsung has produced the dual SIM phone for Rs.14000. But that model was a great flop in the mobile market. After that the standard mobile companies also started producing the Dual SIM phones at low cost ranging starts from Rs. 2000. Nowadays all the leading mobile companies are releasing the Dual SIM phones with new facilities. The Dual SIM phones occupied the mobile market in a Short period of time.

Dual SIM Phone 

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