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Oct 5, 2010

Feel the Touch SAMSUNG WAVE S8500

Are you looking for the best touch phone?? Before going to buy just read about this mobile and make your choice. You have the features beyond the smart phones with this mobile Samsung Wave S8500. This mobile have the honour of being the world's first Amoled display. This mobile comes with the Samsung's own Operating system BADA for the best experiance of the mobile OS. The Amoled screen provides you the unmatched luminescence and vivid eye-catching colours for you. You can feel the touch with this mobile.The display has the 3.3" wide screen. With this display you can feel the experiance of non-blur motion in videos and photo slideshows. You can connect with your friends with the social networks applications like facebook, aol, orkut etc., This mobile comes with the very wide applications you never imagined. You can download movies, songs, games from the applications provided by the wave S8500. This mobile provides you the High Definition video player that supports all sort of codec's DivX, Xvid, MPEG4, Real, and WMV with 30fps.

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