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Nov 12, 2010

The mobile phones best part and the worst part

Nowadays everyone have their own mobile phone. Even the children at the age of 5, 6 have the mobile phone. The mobile has become that much cheaper and the mobile craziness has increased. The mobile cost has reduced to Rs.500 (approx $12). I have seen a poster a famous mobile service is providing the mobile phone and the connection at Rs.500 with life time validity. The call cost was 1 paisa per second (1penny/min). With these kinds of offers even the people at the poverty level will get their mobile phones. Everyone knows about the use of mobile phones. You can communicate with any people in all around the world if they have their mobile phone. With the mobile technology we will not miss any of our loved ones. The mobile technology is growing very fast as we can use our mobile like our personal computer. As we have the data storage up to 32GB in the latest mobile phone. Ten years back most the personal computers will have the maximum storage of 40GB. Now the technology has advanced a lot. But at the same time the mobile technology have the great risk for the future generation. The mobile rays were harmful for the human beings. The rays will affect our human brains. Our generation has started using the mobiles at the age of 17 to 20. But the next generation is using the mobile at the very early stage at the age of 5. The children will get affect by the rays more than the adults. It will affect their brain and they cannot concentrate on their studies. As I mentioned in my previous post misuse of mobile phones by students will show you how the mobile phones are used in the wrong way. Get the mobile phone for your kids when they become adults.

Mobile Phone radiation

potential risk from mobile radiation

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