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Nov 18, 2010

My First Mobile phone

I started using my mobile phone for the past 5 years. I can still remember the day I bought the phone. My first phone is Motorola C115. It doesn’t have any options but still I like that model. It is the cutest phone I had all these 5 years. Now I am using the 5th phone. But still I love that phone. The size of the phone is so small that we can have it in our hands. The phone has the silver color panel and the blue color small display. I bought it when I was doing my first year Engineering graduation. That time I was in hostel and it’s a festival season. We found the ad for the mobiles at low rates. I got Rs.700 with me. I saw the ad for the Nokia color mobile for Rs.1300. I called to most of my friends and got my remaining Rs.600. In 2005 Nokia 1100 model is famous in India. I reached the shop with my friend. When we enquired he said that the Nokia 1100 model cost is Rs.1600. So we both got angry and fought with the shop keeper that he gave an ad of Rs.1300 in the news paper. He said, “We put condition apply in *”. At last we found the Motorola 115 for Rs.1300 with Vodafone prepaid connection. Then I took that phone. But I didn’t like that phone in the first day. But when I reached the hostel, another one guy bought a Nokia color mobile with all the features. But everyone said my phone is cuter than that phone as it will simply hold in our hands. The mobile phone also got the sex curve that attracts everyone in my class. When I started using that phone I was loved to use the phone. As every girls in my class liked that phone. When I was in college for the first 3 months more than me my friends only used that phone. But unfortunately I sold that phone after one year and got the Nokia phone with FM radio.


  1. Thats a REALLY old phone! lol we've come so far technologically

  2. Yes... Now i have the fly phone with dual SIM and all the features like Audio player and video player and expandable memory up to 4GB...

  3. I have blackberry handphone, but the type had long, Curve 8320 :(
    when huh? I can change that later :))

  4. Hmm... You should work for the Iphone 4. I have iphone but not the iphone 4

  5. lil cute indeed i remember my first mobile phone is nokia1100 lol good times :)

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  8. I have blackberry handphone, but the type had long.