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May 21, 2011

Samsung Nexus SI9023 - The Phone that Satisfies everyone

Samsung is one of the leading Mobile Company in the world.  No one in the world can beat Samsung for their clarity. Even the Apple bought the screen from Samsung Electronics. Some tears back they were not popular in India. Nokia was the king in India. In the recent years many companies have come to Indian market. Samsung plays a major role in the competition of Nokia. Samsung released many smart phones and multimedia phones at rates lower than Nokia. We can say Samsung has defeated Nokia in Smart phones. They have released more models in Smart phones than Nokia. Nokia has not released the Android OS phone. Samsung releases only the Android phones and their BADA OS phones. Android OS phones are the fastest selling phones in the market. Android phones have many features in it. We can also install many applications in Android OS. There are more than Lakhs of Applications are available in the Android Market. 

Android Symbol

Samsung has released the new Android Phone in the Smart Phone series. The name of the phone is Samsung Nexus.  It has the brilliant features in it. They designed this mobile especially for Fast access and control.  You can make the video calling much faster than any other mobiles. The mobile comes with the Mobile version of Skype software. With the video calling you can be with your loved one every time. You can copy and paste the text’s while messaging. The copy and paste option will be easy to message your friends. 

Samsung NexusS I9023

You can also enjoy the 3D graphics for games. It provides you the cutting edge graphics.  Nexus has the perfect gaming platform utilizing 3D graphics and fast processing power. You can enjoy your PS experience with the Samsung Nexus. You can access the internet faster and download the applications, songs, videos in much faster rate. You can browse faster than any other mobiles in the market.

Samsung Nexus

Samsung Nexus have the amazing features in it. You can talk up to 13 hours in 2G network and 6 hours in 3G network. It is the most amazing factor when compared to any other mobiles. No other mobile companies can provide the talk time battery life for 13 hours. They can provide you the battery backup for 6 or 7 hours in 2G network.  It has the full touch screen of 4” size. It has the 5MP camera where you can click your moments for your sweet memories.  You can load the songs and videos up to 16 GB.

The mobile have all the features in it. It worth of buying the mobile instead of buying a laptop. We can do most of the things we do in our laptop. The cost of the mobile is Rs. 28,000/-.

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