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Sep 10, 2011

Nokia 100 - An another phone like Nokia 1100

Every people will know about the Nokia's famous mobile phone 1100. This phone plays an major role in the Nokia industry. This mobile was famous in all over the India. Every people liked that mobile for its durability and simplicity. People liked the phone because of its battery backup, features and easy to use interface. All the people even the 5 year old child will also use the Nokia 1100 phone easily. No other phone can beat Nokia 1100. 

Nokia 1100

Nokia 100 - Blue

Now again Nokia has came up with the phone similar to Nokia 1100. This phone was named as Nokia 100. this phone has the basic color model. This mobile comes with the long lasting battery backup. The battery backup comes for more than 35 days in standby mode. This phone comes with the lowest price in the market. 

This mobile phone is specially designed for the people who uses the mobile phone for just calling and for messaging. The keypads are specially designed for easy typing. With this keypad, we can type fast and send the messages faster to our friends. This mobile is the best mobile for the students. 

Nokia 100 and 101

This mobile has come with the FM Radio. We will be with music at all the times. To listen to the music, the phone comes with the Nokia WH-102 Stereo headset. It also has the extra features like flash light, alarm clock and many more. 

This phone comes with 3 vibrant colors. You can choose the color you would like to have. It comes with the colors of Legion blue, Festival pink and Ocean blue. 

Nokia 100 Ocean Blue
After the release of this phone, it will be the cheapest phone with the Fm radio. 

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