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Dec 16, 2011

Aakash Tablet is on Sale (or) How to buy Aakash Tablet

Everyone Might have heard about the Indian Android Tablet is going to release in this December. It is the Cheapest Android Tablet in the market. DataWind Company has undertaken the production of Aakash tablet. Earlier they said the tablet will available at the price of Rs.1750/- for students and Rs. 3000/- for others. Totally 3 lakhs people had pre-ordered the Aakash Tablet. 

The Wait for the Aakash tablet was Over. The Aakash tablet was released in the market. We need to order the tab in Online and the Tab will get deliver to your footsteps within a week. You need to pay the money at the delivery time. The price was reduced from Rs.2999/- to Rs.2500/-. Aakash Tab comes with 366Mhz Arm11 processor , 256MB Ram, 2100mAh battery, Android 2.2 OS and with teh Wifi. We can install many application over 1.50.000 applications. We can get the External keyboard for Rs.500/- The main feature is it comes with two USB slots. It will have the battery backup for 2 to 3 hours. 

Aakash Tablet
IN the website they did not mentioned anything about the Warranty. But the resources said they are providing one year warranty and the Government is asking for one year replacement warranty.  

Some months back they have distributed some tabs for the IIT studnts for feedback. As the distributed tabs faced many problems, they have increased the performance of the tab and they are releasing the new Version of the Aakash tab as UBISLATE 7 in End of January.  You can see the upgrades in the new tablet in www,aakashtablet.com. Here is the screen shot.

Aakash Tablet 1 & 2 details
We Can order the Tab only in Online. We cannot buy the tab in the shops. Only 30,000 tabs have came to market. Order fast if you are looking for the tab. 

Buy Aakash Tablet and Support Indian products.

How to Buy:

1. Go to www.aakashtablet.com

2. Select the ORDERNOW button to book the Aakash 1 tab or Select the PRE-BOOK UBISLATE.  It                         will redirect to the next page.

3. Fill the form in the Next page. If you have any doubt about the product, you can ask about that in the Query column.

4. In 7 days you will receive the Tablet to the address you have mentioned. You need to pay the money at the delivery. 

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