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Sep 15, 2012

Protect your Data and privacy with Bit-Defender

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bitdefender for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Computer plays an important role in today's business world. All the business data's are stored in computers. We can access the data of one computer from another computer at anywhere in the world. With this technology unwated people can steal your data or they can corrupt your data with the unwanted file execution in your computer ( We call it as virus).  

It is very important to protect our computer from viral attacks. Some Virus leads to crashing of the system. We need an Anti-Virus installed in your computer so that we can avoid the losses due to virus. Viruses can be introduced to your computer in many ways.  Most of the times the virus will spread through Websites. We need to secure the Internet before we connect to Internet. With out proper security we may loose our money as well as data. We need to carefule with the online transactions. The hackers can able to get our account details and password so that we may loose our money.

With the Bit Defender we can even moniter the access of the websites. We can restrict the access for some websites for a couple of yime or block the websites for permenantly.

Bit Defender is the best solution for these kind of problems. It is the #1 anti virus that has the improved security for 2013. With the Bitdefender Total Security we can feel the security when we are using our computer. It will have the extreeme level of security to your computer.  With the bitdefender safe pay you can  make your online transaction safe and secure.  NOt only the online transactions, Bit Defender will filter the messages from your social networks also. 

Bit Defender will operate its own. The bi defender will be added in the startup of your OS. It will not show you any pop-up like other anti-virus and it works on its own way. Nowadays Network saftey is more important. We can't predict any thing. If some one hacked our computer or installed any unwanted programs, That will lead us to great problems. Bit defender will keep your computer and your Internet connection to safe. 

Many features are awesome in this Bit-Defebder. I am going to discuss some of the features.

Bit defender safepay: With this feature, your online transactions will be secure. no one can trace your Card number or the password. You can do your online transaction in safer way.

BitDefenderAutopilot: This anti-virus will operate on its own. Unlike other anti-virus softwares, it will not display any pop-up windows. 

BitDefender Anti-theft: This anti -virus will act anti-theft software also. With the BitDefender you can even trace the stolen devices.

Social Network Protection: BitDefender will filter the links you receive from your facebopok and twitter friends and moniter the content in the link and help you not to share your privacy with others. 

Parental Control Options will help us to block the unwanted Websites for certain hours, block inappropriate contents. It will be helpful for us to take control of your children.  

In all the above features, I like the SafePay and the ParentalControl Options. 


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