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Aug 3, 2011

LG Optimus 2X - A Smart phone that beats all other Smart phones

2011 is the year for Smart Phones. All the leading mobile brands have released the smart phone series. Three years back the smart phones have come with fewer features at the cost of Rs.25000. But now we can get the most advanced features at the price of Rs.10000. With the modern technologies introduced in the mobiles, we can even use the mobiles as computers. We can do also all the functionalities of the computer with the full featured Smart phones.
Mobile will work with the chipsets. Now, many mobiles have come with the processors like computers. But they came with the old processors. But now the Mobiles have Dual Core processors.

LG Optimus 2X - Introduction

LG has introduced the world’s First Dual Core processor Smart Phone. The Dual Core processor was developed and designed by the leading chipset designer nividia. They named the Smart phone as LG Optimus 2X. With the dual core processor, the speed of the mobile phone will be like the Computer.  You can access the tools at a high speed. Compared to any other Smart phone, LG optimus will provide you a high speed. The Speed of the processor is 1Ghz. This phone supports multi-tasking, hence we can even access many applications at a time. The performance will be good even we access many applications at a time.

LG optimus 2X - Fromt View

The Gaming experience will be better than the Samsung phones. With the FULL HD camera, we can record the videos at high clarity and store our memories at High Definition Videos. We can connect the mobile to our TV using the HDMI port and experience the speed of game with the HD. With the 8MP camera with LED flash we can take pictures even at the dark. We can access the video calling with the 1.3MP front camera.

LG Optimus gaming

LG OPTIMUS 2X have many applications as compared to other smart phones. Usually the LG brand mobiles will have the poor clarity screens. But in the Optimus they have the brilliant display. The money is worth for buying the LG OPTIMUS 2X.

LG Optimus 

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