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Aug 31, 2011

New Touch Screen Phones from Spice - Awesome features at Rs.5499

Many new Smart phones are hitting in the market. Everyone is looking for the smart phones. With the release of many smart phones in the market, the prices of the phones were reduced. Many new brands have come to mobile production. Heavy competition is there with the mobile companies to provide the quality mobiles at low cost.

Spice is one of the Indian mobile companies providing the mobiles at the lowest rate. They are producing the dual SIM phones. They hav.e released the new touch screen phone with the smart phone features.

Spice M 6868
Spice M-6868 is the best mobile they have released so far. This mobile have the touch screen of 3.5” screen and working on 312 MHz Processor.  It has the 3D User Interface and live wallpapers. The most advanced feature is the Wi-Fi. We can connect to the internet with the Wi-Fi facility in this mobile. The phone supports the EDGE technology.

Spice M-6868 Front View

The phone comes with the preloaded java applications. It comes with the Opera 10, the latest browser for mobiles. We can talk up to 4.5 hours with this phone and have standby time up to 450 hours. This phone has 3.2MP camera. We can use the camera as the web camera. We can install java applications and games. We can have the memory card extended up to 8 GB. We can record videos and photos with the 8 GB memory card. It will be the memories for ourselves.

Spice M-6868 Front and Back View

We can enjoy all the above said features at the cost of Rs. 5,499 /- Get this phone and enjoy your life 

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